World’s First Rolling-Stone-App Launches in Germany

Of Rolling Stone magazine on the iPad

in the iPad app presents Rolling Stone every month the most important developments, news and trends in music, culture and current events, tells in comprehensive and detailed reading stories and a lot of musical and multimedia additional services.

Extra content
So the app offer next to all content in the print edition offers a built-in soundtrack to the booklet, auditions for new releases , exclusive video sessions, the hardest music quiz of in Germany, as well as music news by as a live feed. All audio and video content are available offline as well. Also the feedback function allows users to become active within the app, to comment on articles and to contact to the editorial board.

Download: best iPad apps, part 1

50 applications free programs for Apple’s Tablet PC in the first edition
as highlights the first edition provides an 18-minute Pink Floyd short documentation about the band’s history, video sessions with breaking artists such as Julia Marcell , the secret of sisters and the Pierce, video interviews with the Kooks and Jools Holland, as well as 30 samples selected by the editorial staff to the latest phonograms.

Also Noel Gallagher commented on five clichés about Noel Gallagher in the original sound. The former head of the OASIS is the focus of the October issue and the Rolling Stone was portrayed by graphic legend Klaus Voormann, exclusively for the cover.

Download: Rolling Stone for iPad download

The world’s first rolling-stone-app is now available on the German iTunes store for a limited time introductory offer: the single sheet will cost 2.99 Euro (instead of €4.99), the six monthly €17,99 (instead of €29,99), the annual subscription €35,99 (instead of €59.99).