Wolder MiSmart 8 Wave, a Range Average with Eight Cores and Recognizable Design

The Cantabrians Wolder have also used Mobile World Congress to show their new proposals for mid-range smartphones, notably its miSmart Wave 8. This mobile is located within a range of Wave with different devices that share a unique design.

These authentic ships may not be the most powerful or innovative Wolder catalog, but are undoubtedly its great commitment to be recognizable by a distinctive and unified design. Also has some interesting weapons in its hardware, including highlights an octacore processor that will try to remove the head and to be noticed in a crowded middle range..

A recognizable design

Although the miSmart Wave range is a design quite similar to that which we have seen him at some other manufacturer, has its own details and continues to be extremely successful. Above all thanks to a rubber finish, both at the rear and at the edges, which provides you with an outstanding grip.

The front also has too much mystery, although Yes we have seen that it is a mobile quite high to have only 5 inches. This is due to the extra size that received the decision not to integrate Android control keys on the screen. Surely this will make Android easier to handle with the Wolder, but it makes it almost as high as a 5.5 inch LG G3.

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Muscle for the middle range

The Wolder miSmart Wave 8 +, which is the most prominent member of the range, has an IPS 5 inch display with HD resolution 720 p, a procesador octacore signed by MediaTek and one gigabyte of RAM. 16 gigs of internal memory is expandable through microSD cards, and also includes 13 and 5 megapixel camera battery 2000 mAh and dual SIM.

In terms of performance, in our touchdown we found with an outstanding fluidity, Although we would have to see to what extent it suffers in a more continuous use. Also stresses that it still uses the outdated operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat, although it is expected that not too late to receive their ration of Lollipop.

But these are only a few raw impressions, and will have to wait a few days to try it in greater detail and rating which is really the real performance of the device in everyday use and if the battery, which on the table seems a bit inadequate, is also capable of keeping the rate.