Withing Activité Pop, a Quantifier Affordable and Functional Watch

Withing last year presented his watch quantifier with style at a price all competitive amid a market filled with gadgets with smart watches or similar functions, but now a new option we have at our disposal: Withing activité Pop, a quantifier affordable and functional watch.

Unlike the previous model, the new activité Withing Pop is made of plastic and has a very basic format, which has allowed to reduce its value, although his belt can be exchanged and counts with valuable functions without losing the formal style to use it every day.

The clock is water-resistant to 30 meters, so it can be used to swim without any problems, but we can also register the steps taken throughout the day, distance traveled, calories burned or the quality of the nocturnal sleep.

On your small screen can only see the time and the percentage reached the steps posed as a goal for that day, so, is not a smart clock from which we can see notifications or reply to messages, but in this way, goes completely unnoticed gadget outside in front and confused with a traditional wrist watch.

Account with alarms by vibration, that can be used to wake up every morning or simply as a reminder when you wear sports apparel and do exercise, but as they say colleagues of Engadget, it cannot be stopped, by what we should expect to that culminate 15 vibrations once that activates the same.

Perhaps the best of this gadget is its possibility to synchronize data with your application for phones with Android or iOS, where we can analyze and manage them, view statistics, compete with friends, or even, to learn more about completed objectives, goals established and other.

Another advantage is the price of 150 euros, Withing previous model, and its battery, which has a much lower autonomy of more than 6 months and it is easily replaceable in house to continue using the gadget for the desired time, without having to move away from our doll thanks to its resistance to water.

An option attractive, functional and affordable, although perhaps reached a little late to the market, as today we have at our disposal variety of options more tempting and similar values to quantify our activity and night sleep.