What does ATS stand for?

What does ATS stand for?

1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Definition and HR Context

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application used by recruiters and employers to manage the recruitment process. It automates the collection, sorting, and analysis of job applications.

Components and Functionality

ATS includes features such as resume parsing, job posting, candidate database management, and recruitment analytics. It helps streamline the hiring process by organizing applications and facilitating communication with candidates.


ATS improves the efficiency of the recruitment process, reduces the time-to-hire, and helps recruiters manage large volumes of applications. It also ensures compliance with hiring regulations and enhances the candidate experience.

2. Automated Trading System (ATS)

Definition and Financial Context

An Automated Trading System (ATS) is a software that automatically executes trades in financial markets based on predefined criteria. It uses algorithms and market data to make trading decisions.

Components and Technologies

ATS involves algorithms, data feeds, trading platforms, and risk management tools. These systems analyze market conditions and execute trades without human intervention.


ATS enhances trading efficiency, reduces human error, and allows for high-frequency trading. It is crucial for institutional traders and hedge funds to capitalize on market opportunities quickly.

3. Air Traffic Services (ATS)

Definition and Aviation Context

Air Traffic Services (ATS) refer to services provided to manage and control the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in the airspace and at airports. This includes air traffic control (ATC), flight information services, and alerting services.

Components and Functions

ATS includes en route control, terminal control, ground control, and advisory services. These services ensure the safety, orderly flow, and expeditious movement of air traffic.


ATS is essential for maintaining aviation safety, preventing collisions, and managing airspace effectively. It supports the growing demand for air travel and ensures efficient flight operations.

4. American Thoracic Society (ATS)

Definition and Medical Context

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and treatment of respiratory diseases, critical illnesses, and sleep disorders.

Mission and Activities

ATS conducts research, provides education, publishes medical guidelines, and advocates for public health policies. It hosts annual conferences and provides a platform for healthcare professionals to share their expertise.


ATS plays a vital role in improving respiratory health through research, education, and advocacy. It supports healthcare professionals in delivering high-quality care to patients with respiratory conditions.

5. Assessment and Treatment Services (ATS)

Definition and Healthcare Context

Assessment and Treatment Services (ATS) refer to clinical services that provide evaluation and therapeutic interventions for individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues.

Components and Programs

ATS includes diagnostic assessments, individual and group therapy, medication management, and rehabilitation programs. These services are designed to address various psychological and behavioral health needs.


ATS is crucial for diagnosing and treating mental health and substance abuse disorders. It helps individuals achieve recovery, improve their quality of life, and reintegrate into society.

6. Applicant Testing Services (ATS)

Definition and HR Context

Applicant Testing Services (ATS) are services that provide pre-employment testing to evaluate the skills, abilities, and personalities of job candidates. These tests help employers make informed hiring decisions.

Components and Types

ATS includes cognitive tests, personality assessments, skill-based tests, and situational judgment tests. They measure various attributes such as intelligence, work ethic, and cultural fit.


ATS helps employers identify the best candidates for a job, reduce turnover, and improve overall workforce quality. It ensures that hiring decisions are based on objective and relevant criteria.

7. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Definition and Electrical Context

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is an electrical device that automatically transfers power supply from the main power source to a backup generator in the event of a power outage.

Components and Operation

ATS includes sensors, relays, and control circuits that monitor the power supply. When a power loss is detected, the ATS switches to the backup power source and switches back when the main power is restored.


ATS ensures a continuous power supply, preventing interruptions in critical operations. It is essential for hospitals, data centers, and other facilities that require reliable power.

8. Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATS)

Definition and Transportation Context

Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATS) are systems that provide real-time travel information to motorists, public transportation users, and pedestrians. They aim to enhance travel efficiency and safety.

Components and Features

ATS includes traffic updates, route planning, public transit schedules, and real-time alerts about road conditions and incidents. These systems use data from sensors, cameras, and GPS.


ATS improves the travel experience by providing accurate and timely information. It helps reduce travel time, avoid congestion, and enhance overall transportation efficiency.

9. Automated Testing System (ATS)

Definition and Software Development Context

An Automated Testing System (ATS) is a tool or framework that automates the execution of tests on software applications to ensure they meet specified requirements and are free of defects.

Components and Functionality

ATS includes test scripts, test execution engines, and reporting tools. It supports various types of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing.


ATS improves the efficiency and reliability of software testing, reduces human error, and speeds up the development process. It helps ensure software quality and performance.

10. Active Thermal Control System (ATS)

Definition and Aerospace Context

An Active Thermal Control System (ATS) is a system used in spacecraft and satellites to manage temperature and ensure that components operate within their optimal temperature ranges.

Components and Operation

ATS includes heaters, radiators, heat exchangers, and thermal sensors. It actively regulates temperature through controlled heat dissipation and distribution.


ATS is crucial for maintaining the functionality and longevity of spacecraft and satellites. It prevents overheating or freezing of critical components, ensuring mission success.

Other Popular Meanings of ATS

Acronym Meaning Description
ATS Automated Teller System Systems used by banks to manage transactions and customer interactions through ATMs.
ATS Adaptive Traffic Signal Traffic signal systems that adapt to real-time traffic conditions to optimize flow.
ATS Administrative Tribunal Service A body that provides administrative justice and resolves disputes between individuals and government agencies.
ATS Advanced Telemetry System Systems used for remote monitoring and data collection in various applications, including healthcare and environmental studies.
ATS Applied Technology Solutions Companies or services that provide technological solutions tailored to specific business needs.
ATS Automated Ticketing System Systems used to manage and distribute tickets for events, transportation, and services.
ATS Air Traffic Simulation Simulations used for training air traffic controllers and testing air traffic management systems.
ATS Accelerated Training Scheme Programs designed to fast-track training and skill development in various fields.
ATS Alternative Trading System Platforms for trading financial instruments outside traditional exchanges.
ATS All Terrain Scooter Motorized scooters designed for off-road and varied terrain use.

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