What does ABC stand for?

What does ABC stand for?

Top 10 Meanings of ABC

1. American Broadcasting Company (ABC)


The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is a major American television network owned by The Walt Disney Company.


  • Founded: 1943, originally a radio network before expanding into television.
  • Growth: Became one of the “Big Three” television networks in the U.S., alongside NBC and CBS.


  • News: ABC News, with flagship programs like “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America.”
  • Entertainment: Popular shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Bachelor,” and “Dancing with the Stars.”
  • Sports: Broadcasts a variety of sports events through ABC Sports and ESPN.

2. Activity-Based Costing (ABC)


Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is an accounting methodology that assigns costs to activities based on their use of resources, rather than to products or services directly.

Key Concepts

  • Activity Identification: Determining the activities that incur costs within an organization.
  • Cost Drivers: Identifying the factors that drive the cost of activities.
  • Cost Allocation: Assigning costs to products or services based on their consumption of activities.


  • Accuracy: Provides a more accurate method of cost allocation.
  • Efficiency: Helps identify and eliminate non-value-adding activities.
  • Decision-Making: Improves management decision-making by providing detailed cost information.

3. Airways, Breathing, Circulation (ABC)


Airways, Breathing, Circulation (ABC) is a mnemonic used in emergency medicine to prioritize the order of treatment.


  • Airways: Ensure that the patient’s airway is clear and open.
  • Breathing: Check for effective breathing and provide ventilation if necessary.
  • Circulation: Assess and support circulation by checking the pulse and managing bleeding.


  • First Aid: Used by first responders and in basic life support (BLS) training.
  • Emergency Medicine: Critical in trauma care and resuscitation efforts.

4. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s national public broadcaster, providing a wide range of media services.


  • Public Service: Offering comprehensive and independent broadcasting to inform, educate, and entertain Australians.


  • Television: Multiple TV channels including ABC TV, ABC Comedy, and ABC Kids.
  • Radio: National and local radio stations providing news, talk, music, and cultural programming.
  • Digital: Online streaming services and digital content delivery through platforms like ABC iView.

5. Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)


The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is an organization that verifies and audits the circulation of newspapers and magazines.


  • Transparency: Ensuring accurate and transparent reporting of circulation figures.
  • Credibility: Providing reliable data to advertisers, publishers, and media buyers.


  • Audits: Conducting regular audits of print and digital media circulation.
  • Reports: Publishing circulation reports that are used by the media industry for advertising purposes.

6. American Bird Conservancy (ABC)


The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native birds and their habitats in the Americas.


  • Conservation: Protecting birds and their habitats through on-the-ground projects, advocacy, and education.


  • Habitat Protection: Preserving critical bird habitats across the Americas.
  • Species Protection: Working to prevent the extinction of endangered bird species.
  • Policy Advocacy: Promoting bird-friendly policies and legislation.

7. Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)


The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) was the first electronic digital computer, invented by John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Historical Significance

  • Innovation: Introduced concepts such as binary arithmetic and electronic switching, which are foundational to modern computing.
  • Legacy: Recognized as a precursor to later computers like the ENIAC.

8. ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao)


The ABC Islands refer to the group of three islands—Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao—located in the Caribbean Sea.


  • Geography: Located off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean.
  • Tourism: Popular tourist destinations known for their beaches, diving spots, and cultural heritage.

Political Status

  • Aruba and Curaçao: Constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Bonaire: Special municipality of the Netherlands.

9. Always Be Closing (ABC)


Always Be Closing (ABC) is a sales strategy emphasizing the importance of consistently pursuing closing a sale.


  • Popularized: The term was popularized by the 1992 film “Glengarry Glen Ross,” based on the play by David Mamet.


  • Sales Techniques: Encourages salespeople to focus on closing deals and maintaining a high level of motivation and persistence.
  • Training: Often used in sales training programs to instill a results-oriented mindset.

10. Alphabet (ABC)


The term “ABC” is commonly used to refer to the alphabet, the set of letters used in a language’s writing system.


  • Literacy: Learning the ABCs is foundational to reading and writing.
  • Education: Often one of the first things taught to children in early education.

Other 20 Meanings of ABC

No. Acronym Meaning
1 ABC American Bowling Congress
2 ABC American Bone Care
3 ABC Advanced Bombardment Craft
4 ABC Autoimmune Blistering Disease
5 ABC American Business Corporation
6 ABC Asian Business Center
7 ABC Advanced Business Computing
8 ABC Alphabetical Book Code
9 ABC Airborne Command and Control
10 ABC Advanced Biochemical Compound
11 ABC Australian Banana Company
12 ABC Association of British Composers
13 ABC Arizona Beverage Company
14 ABC Association for Behavioral and Cognitive
15 ABC American Beauty Culture
16 ABC Associated Builders and Contractors
17 ABC Applied Biological Chemistry
18 ABC Association of Boxing Commissions
19 ABC American Bicycling Center
20 ABC Automated Brokerage Center

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