Uruguay General Information

Far away, on the other side of the globe, there is a beautiful country – Uruguay. For a Belarusian tourist, she is unfamiliar. Uruguayans play football well, and their state is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In Uruguay they speak Spanish, but they call it South American Italy. The territory of this small country is 80% farmland, and resorts attract no noisy tourists.

A tour to Uruguay will help you feel the charm of colonial architecture, fall in love with nature that is unusual for us and plunge into a different lifestyle. So different that it is difficult to describe in words – this country needs to be seen and felt.

Prices for a tour to Uruguay will be more expensive than to any of the Latin American countries. It beckons with its unique atmosphere, the originality of cities and the splendor of the ocean. There are relatively few well-known sights here. Among them we note:

  • The city of Colonia del Sacramento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful mansions, bridges, lanterns, cobbled streets. It is worth visiting the Portuguese Museum, the ruins of the monastery of San Francisco, walking around the old city.
  • Montevideo is a seaport and bohemian capital. One of the safest and most prosperous cities in the world. A tour to Uruguay will give you the opportunity to walk along the Rambla, a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. It is worth visiting the Port Market, Independence Square, the Ciudad Vieja area.
  • Punta del Este is a popular resort. From July to November you can watch whales here. Visit vineyards and wine plantations, and take an excursion to Lobos Island, a resting place for thousands of seals.

A tour to colonial Uruguay will show tourists a country that you can fall in love with recklessly. It is distinguished by a high level of hotel service, due to which there are up to 2 million tourists a year.

Also, a tour to Uruguay will help you appreciate the things that the country is known for in the world. Among them:

  • The real Atlantis. It is a city famous for its natural beauties and large casinos.
  • Hot thermal springs, especially Termas Arapey.
  • Deposits of semi-precious stones.

Also, Uruguay is famous for the high quality of food in institutions and low prices. Medicine in the country is free, even for tourists.

Do you want the year to be remembered for an exciting trip? Look at prices for winter tours to Uruguay. In January-February, the fertile season begins in the country with temperatures of + 24 + 28 °, and in July the temperature drops to + 12 °.

Uruguay General Information