Travel to Hiking in Italy

Hiking in Italy is possibly one of the most varied hiking experiences you can find. Perfect routes are planned and ready. Some take you through majestic mountain passes and impressive Alps with snow on top. Others lead you off winding streets of Rome, Florence or Tuscany.

The experiences range widely; get to the top of an active volcano, visit historic medieval towns or make your way past classic Italian wineries. Hiking in Italy can be a bit of each and it is up to you what you want to get out of the journey. We are ready to guide you.

Great places for hiking in Italy

Hiking in Sicily

The ball outside Italy’s boot tip is an obvious destination if you want to hike in Italy. Sicily, Italy’s probably most famous island, is packed with beautiful, challenging and extremely unique hiking routes.

You set the course yourself – maybe it points to the top of exploding Etna. The aggressive volcano tends to erupt every few years, so you can not get closer to the top than 500 meters.

The volcanic island of Stramboli, which belongs to Sicily, is also an obvious day trip for those who want to strap on their hiking boots. Up to 10 times an hour, a column of golden red magma sprays up from the top of the volcano. Nature shows itself from its most spectacular side, but one must of course approach the area carefully.

Hiking around Mont Blanc

There are many opinions about which mountain is the highest in Europe. But if Mont Blanc does not take this prize, with its 4,810 meters to the top, it can in any case turn out to be Western Europe’s highest mountain. With us you can experience hiking in Italy at the foot of stunning Mont Blanc.

This hike takes you not only to Italy but also to romantic France and beautiful Switzerland . Throughout the route, we are surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and a nature worth writing home about. Waterfalls, mountain lakes and sparkling glaciers are constantly replacing each other in the landscape.

We move from high mountain passes to deep valleys and cross green meadows and blueberry fields. Along the way we spend the night in charming mountain villages. Hiking in Italy can be amazingly adventurous!

Hiking in the Cinque Terre

The Italian National Park, Cinque Terre, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and with good reason. Hiking in Italy is extremely visual and appealing here, with hiking trails creeping along the mountainside. From here there is a view of the Mediterranean as far as the eye can see.

Hiking in Italy’s Cinque Terre takes you through one cozy village after another. Here the colorful little houses appear in a row. Some balance on the edge of the ocean, while others cling to the steep mountain sides.

Visit the fishing villages of Camogli or Portofino, experience the Gothic monastery of San Fruttuoso, or visit the 14-meter-high statue of Neptune in Monerosso. On the hike between the cities, we move through fragrant lemon groves, olive groves and pine forests.

Hiking in the Dolomites

Winding paths through the majestic Dolomites, give you good conditions for a fantastic hike in South Tyrolean Italy. From Pustertal, where the population is German-speaking, the trip goes south of the Falzarego Pass to Fanes.

New routes take over, and you get past the Dolomites’ “Pearl Lake”. Natural phenomena such as the Pragser Wildsee make hiking in Italy very special. The inner pictures you get from here are confusingly reminiscent of the postcards you can buy in any souvenir shop.

Hiking in the Italian Dolomites takes you through dense pine forests, out into open meadows and into the shade of leaning rock walls. We take the cable car up the steepest rock walls and visit the cozy mountain restaurant, Capanna Alpina. Here is so much to experience.

Hiking in Tuscany

Hiking in Italy is not only reserved for the many mountain passes. City walks in the streets of Italy are a charming and ornate experience. Start your hike in romantic Florence and continue through picturesque Tuscany.

The routes take you across vineyards, lush forests and golden cornfields. We are located past incredible medieval towns such as Castellina in Chianti, here the huge city wall robs a lot of the history that has unfolded exactly where your feet are now planted.

We cross rushing rivers at San Gimignano – the city that also goes under “Tuscany’s Manhattan”. However, the modern skyscrapers have been replaced with impressive medieval buildings and stunning scenery. Hiking in Italy is a varied experience.

Hiking in Tuscany

Questions and answers

When is the best time to go hiking in Italy?

It is possible to hike in Italy at any time of the year. During the summer, it can be just as legally hot to hike for many hours through the dense streets of Italy. Likewise, winter can be bitterly cold and sometimes even impossible if you move from far up in the Alps. Therefore, choose your route according to when you travel – or when you travel according to your route. Feel free to ask us for advice! Read more about weather and climate in Italy .

Does it require equipment to hike in Italy?

It depends on which route you want to go. Most of our routes require only the basic equipment such as a good pair of hiking boots. Feel free to check out our packing lists for trekking and mountaineering , where you can hopefully get smarter.

Can I go hiking in Italy without being accompanied by a guide?

Yes. Some of our routes are self-guided. Here we seek that you are well equipped from home and have the full overview of the route. Likewise, you always have us at Tourist Travel to call if something should arise. Other routes are with guide. You can read more about this when you click on the journey of your dreams.