Tips for Portraits with Smartphones and More: Galaxy Engadget Photo

With almost everyone already in their normal activities of the year and looking increasingly far what have been the holiday today Sunday I turn to bring our weekly summary of the best and interesting we’ve seen in the blogosphere.

In Engadget Mobile bring us some good advice, in this case seven, to improve at the time of making portraits with your smartphone. Undoubtedly basics but that not it hurt us remember above all when it is a small terminal and not a big camera what we have in our hands.

From dress up the street we bring you today another review to the history of fashion photography. Now transport us to the era of the 1940s to see how it was the photography of fashion of the time, and to be more accurate the picture of Erwin Blumenfeld.
From sit and watch will present us a brilliant text by photographer Delaney Allen. One text more than recommended and full of sincerity about the era in which we live and the way in which we expose many of the things we do. Is there true sincerity in everything we show or we say to ourselves?

We do not allow reading to squeeze our head and rationalize, and we’re going to photography for beginners to see an article about the It means to be purist within the photographic world. In photography the “purist” Word has always been something that has been in the mouth of many and in counterpoint to others. What is be purist? Does that mean today?

Finally I bring a picture post eCommerce that can be interesting to know the importance that have pictures and videos (Rich Media) in SEO of our Web pages. Obviously the article is focused it was e-commerce, but is very good advice for the sake of as influence for a global positioning. Something very useful for all those who have a blog and when it comes to advising our customers why have photos or videos on their websites.

And here another week in Engadget photo Galaxy. We hope that you have had a good week and I hope here at next Sunday. You know that you can leave all your doubts, tracks and/or tips in our contact section.