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Insurance when often go to bed and we approached the night table, we see with astonishment as We’ve got it filled with objects that were once unthinkable. Mobile, the smart watch, book (or eBook), their corresponding Chargers and wiring close, lamp and who knows, it’s time to put a glass of water can be strange.

But and if we could have it all much better grouped and organized? This may be the premise under which the firm Curvilux has developed the smart bedside table, a project that is being conducted under seal Indiegogo and preferences through collective financing that this table comes to fruition and we may have it in the majority of the bedrooms.

You enter the curiosities that we find in this “intelligent”furniture we can highlight, among other things, the support for Wireless charging (something we’ve seen on some models which offer e.g. Ikea), to which are added several USB ports to recharge up to three devices, in such a way that we avoid having the wall filled with plugs either make use of strips and three-phase.

And it is that you apart from the sound and the load, this curious furniture also includes a striking dual lighting system, whether both for reading and not rely on a lamp, to get up in the night and not go in the dark thanks to a dim light at the bottom.

To complete the whole drawer, therefore what nightstand that doesn’t have one?, which keep our objects but also It is characterized by having an electronic lock We will control the smartphone.

In the same way, the table includes a stereo audio system It allows to play music from any compatible device, with connectivity Bluetooth, NFC, and with these and with a proper mobile application, controlling all the functions, and can thus activate or deactivate the electronic lock, lights or even set alarms that they combine sound and light to simulate Sunrise, similar to what they offer some Philips lamps.

Price and availability

The Curvilux project has been developed under the umbrella of Indiegogo and here is where the interested parties have been able to (last because they are exhausted) do with a table for $179, waiting to go new units on the market with prices ranging from the 199 and $250 with the possibility of sending everyone in a process that should begin arrived in November.


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