The Interaction between Smartphone, Tablets and the Microsoft Xbox 360

We have discussed, Smartphones and Tablets is now important part of our life. Not just as devices that communicate and access to content, but also as devices which control or interact with other devices in the House.

Today Microsoft, during important games E3 world fair, has presented Xbox Smart Glass. according to PHONEJUST,A new feature that will allow control and interact with our Xbox 360 from any smartphone or tablet device, regardless of the operating system. With versions for iOS, Android and of course Windows Phone.

It seems a priori not very innovative but make no mistake, Xbox Smart Glass has much potential. In demos we have seen how he played a movie on a touch device and sent it to continue watching it in the console at the point where it left off. Something very similar to Air Play. The difference is that with Xbox Smart Glass we will receive information in our device, for example of the actor or actors, interesting facts of the film, etc….

Certainly an interesting article which surely will start hearing on numerous occasions since the limitations will make them the imagination of developers. You will be available in autumn and it will be another plus point for considering the Xbox 360 how to salon Media Center.