The Fusion of the Analog Watch and Bracelet Cuantificadora

It is already a cuantificadora bracelet could result insufficient while a smartwatch as Apple Watch equal too. For this reason, Runtastic releases Runtastic Moment. An analog clock that combines current activity monitor options.

Runtastic wearable will connect to our mobile device to provide features and functionality that are in tune with which demand that target audience that will be used. So that they can monitor their activities and small announcements.

Will be Runtastic Moment four models: Fun, Basic, Elite & Classic. Each of them will have a few lines and different finishes but the basis is the same. Something that also affect the price, from 129 euros up to 199 euros.

In the aesthetic section, the Runtastic Moment design is simple, without great fanfare or surprising developments in engineering but that does not deprive you of having an attractive appearance. Especially in the Classic and Elite versions which escape those touches more sports Fun and Basic. Thus, any user may elect to which best suits your needs and tastes. If you are looking for something with a touch of fashion, in the Runtastic Moment also you will find it.

Runtastic Moment, features

The clock can be used in any type of activity, from run with it, swimming, diving and of course showering among others. And what will most interest many, does not need to be recharged as your power goes through a standard battery of long-lasting lithium.

Regard to the features and highlights, We have that we can submerge up to 100 m, connection and synchronization with, compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, system notifications by LED and vibration. In addition there is a notification led, indicator of the progress of steps, calories burned, minutes of activity and inactivity and distance travelled.

The doll, the territory that all manufacturers want to conquer

With the launch of Runtastic Moment we reach a confirmation more than clear for many many months ago. Manufacturers don’t want you to take your doll exposed.

The proposed Apple Watch, newly released Android Wear support on iPhone and now Runtastic Moment, which joins other offers such as Jawbone UP type quantifier, etc… I think that all we could choose our choice if we decide to make us one.