The First Filtered Renderings of The LG G4 Show a Curved Screen

When LG launched its new proposals for the mid-range with the mobile Joy, Leon, Spirit and Magna, one of the things that caught us the attention was the bet of Koreans by step forward and begin to take on their new phones the curve display I begin to see the first two Flex.

As expected, as soon as people began to see them live at Mobile World Congress and LG makers argued that mobile phones had always been curved, many people started rumors with the possibility that the next and anticipated flagship LG also adopt that kind of screen.

#Exclusive: Early (non-final) #LGG4 Press Render… Dimensions: 148.9×76. 5 x 9 9 mm our site/4vptJ2dYZs

— OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) March 9, 2015

The rumors seem to be confirmed, and the leakers of OnLeaks have revealed a few hours ago what could be one of the first filtered renderings of the new LG G4, in which we see a curved screen and a slight redesign of the rear panel.

According to this leak, the mobile would have a dimensions of 148, 9 x 76, 5 x 9, 9 mm, and the image appears to rule out another of the rumors that had been hovering around the network on possible metallic finish of the device. As we see, they would also repeat with a camera back-focus laser, since previous devices it has given very good results.

This filter also lets us doubt of that if the new mobile LG logo had the display curve, what are intended to make Koreans so your Flex range still have sense? In any case, what seems to confirm is that LG seems to be willing to do curved screens a distinguishing feature for all their mobile.

Now already only will we wait to see if the upcoming leaks are running in the same direction, and that they begin to get the first specifications to find out to what extent this new device will meet its goal of selling 10 million units. Do you you think, compraríais a curved LG G4?