The First BlackBerry of The New Era Will Be Presented during The ESC

The trajectory of BlackBerry smartphones market has followed the line against the adoption of Android and iOS. Unable to cope with the new rivals, the Canadian brand ended up betraying its principles with the launch of the BlackBerry Priv, its first smartphone with Android operating system. But neither the private nor the DTEK 50 and 60 DTEK have managed to alter the direction of the company.

BlackBerry has thrown in the towel and not already manufactured more smartphones. This does not mean that we are not going to see more creations with its name, since it will now be TCL, the Chinese company which also has the rights to the brand name Alcatel, responsible for the entire process of manufacture of new BlackBerry smartphones. And the first will arrive very soon, at the next CES to held from January 5 in Las Vegas.

Although BlackBerry, or more specifically BlackBerry OS, has been virtually no hole in the mobile market, TCL is committed to return to fight using your brand. The rumored BlackBerry Mercury already aimed to be unveiled at CES and the new company responsible for the brand confirmed that the fair which opens the year will see new BlackBerry devices, even in plural.

Pointing in all directions?

The latest releases of the BlackBerry have been aimed at the medium-high range. The Priv had one of the best processors in the market, the 808 Snapdragon, and its price was also in the high range. With the DTEK50 the bar lowered, although again recovered the high range with the DTEK60, although these two terminals, as well as different models of Alcatel changed name, they have been quite unnoticed.

Now it would be the turn for attempting to attract the attention of users and media, already not only with a new flagship. One of the bets that seems almost safe would be the BlackBerry Mercury, a smartphone of medium-high range with an eight-core processor at 2 GHz and 3 GB of RAM, that It would combine a 4.5 inch with a full QWERTY physical keyboard touch screen.