The Contents of Google Play Will Be in Google TV in Europe from The 13th, But Not in Spain

If among our readers are some of the few people who enjoy a TV with Google TV, whether it’s through a TV Box or a TV with this operating system, today we will give you a good and a bad news. For now only you could enjoy a few content through applications, which was not bad but took away value.

The idea of Google is to offer all kinds of entertainment users are where are, hatsa now in Europe which could not be done, but luckily that’s going to change within very short. The 13th is the chosen for Google Play Music finally reach Europe and not going to be only that, because they will bring the contents of Google Play.

This means that if we buy or rent an audiovisual by this shop product, either a series or a movie, from the 13 th is may check in with Google TV devices located in Europe. Bad? You won’t get to Spain at the moment, only France, Germany and United Kingdom. In the case of arrival would be a good addition to Google TV, but Google will need much more than that to succeed in the field of Smart TV, a sector that fails to take off in our country.