The Clock Vector Promises to Thirty Days of Autonomy

Luxury, or to do sport, smart watches are fighting to see which is which spends several days awake, without charge. Except for the new Pebble, other alternatives have decided to put a technological monster on your bracelet, which consumed as such. In Vector they think that there is room for something else.

Tag Heuer watch wasn’t the only smartwatch in the Baseworld, also was Vector Watch. Well, actually they were not either of the two, both have been presented as options for the future, with vague information on its features and benefits.

They promise to Vector Watch 30 days of autonomy, subtracting possibilities. More is a clock, to a superdispositivo, and the screen has been chosen to consume just enough. It’s a monochrome option, made with LCD technology that always stays on.

It will be compatible with devices Android, iOS and Windows Phone, also the wristband,with the intention of showing the notifications that arrive. It will show them in a simple way, accompanied by vibration, and assumes that we can interact in a limited way. We do not know which platform or system has been used, but if they tell us that it is especially careful with energy consumption.

As you can see in the pictures, there will be two versions: Meridian to the square design and Lunar for the circular. Different options in materials and straps that will make the price of Meridian to start in $199, While Moon will be more expensive, starting at $349.

The company is led by the former CEO of Timex, Joe Santana, and by designer of Nike, Steve Jarvis. Unfortunately there is no more information about the products, which will be a reality by the end of summer.

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