The 25 Best Smartphones Under 250 Euro

You are looking for the best smartphone bargains up to 250 euro? In our picture gallery you will find the 25 best phones from our test at a low price!

There are basically two types of Smartphone bargains: phones that already are good and cheap from market launch – by honor, which focus on strong entry-level smartphones! And there are upper class phones that were so cheap in the course of time, they are a real buy recommendation. Ultimately benefit end consumers from fast development cycles, which the technology is getting better but also cheaper!

So you miss not a bargain, we have compiled 25 smartphones up to 250 euros (street price) for you in our photo gallery. All devices have of course run through our test and mainly with “good” cut off. See more phones for little money in the picture gallery below, which were not in the test.

Exciting more smartphones under 250 euros, which we have not yet tested:

WIKO U feel PrimePreis (State: 18.01.2017): 244 euro in the PC world price comparison


Data: The WIKO U feel Prime offers a 5.5-inch display with full HD and rounded sides for a very smooth operation. As an engine of Snapdragon 430 used comes with 8 cores, as well as a 4 GB of large memory sizes. In addition 6.0 runs on the Android phone, you can expand the memory and there is a dual SIM feature.

Detailed test: WIKO U feel

Smartphones up to 250 euro

Also the cheap smartphones splurge in the test with many features that occur predominantly in upper-class smartphones. The most bargain offer LTE, a quad – or even octa-core CPU, a high-resolution camera and a powerful battery. Especially the devices from China, such as Huawei and honor, also a dual SIM capability. In addition, most affordable entry-level phones from the factory with a current software version running.

Can a high-end Smartphone

Simply put: high-end smartphones offer the best hardware components and are often high-quality processed! To get the latest operating system or real-time system updates. In detail: expensive flagships are powered by the latest and most powerful processors, lots of memory (4 to 6 GB) and especially high-resolution displays. The Internet is via Wi-Fi-ac (5GHz)., LTE Cat6 (300mbps / s) or even Cat9 (450 Mbit/s) Mostly already large internal memory from 32 to 128 GB can often be expanded via micro-SD-card to theoretically up to 2 TB. The built-in cameras snap at the level of “real” cameras thanks to large image sensors, wide apertures and optical image stabilizers. Ideally, they are equipped with a phase comparison autofocus yet. The cams record videos in 4 K. And Cabinet is also made of high-quality materials such as glass or aluminium.

The flagship killer OnePlus 3T is particularly recommended. The phone boasts latest hardware, current operating system, high-quality optics and long battery life – and costs “only” 439 euro!

Compromising bargain smartphones

Although a few models from our rankings with upper-class smartphones can match. Many cheap alternatives you have to compromise in terms of performance and features to high-end devices but: the display is often small and displays less pixel – after all, are some devices with 5-inch screens and HD – or even full-HD resolution. Usually just as good as an expensive smartphones respond the touchscreen. The CPU is, however, much slower, and the camera has weaknesses in image quality. Cheap Android models work also not always using the latest version of the system – except they come fresh to the market. Older, but now cheap top models get hardly any updates.

Apple provides its older models still use the current iOS version and the newer Microsoft devices will benefit from fresh Windows 10 mobile. If you no 700 to 1000 euros or even more for your mobile phone would spend, these smartphones ideal for you.

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Top 5 of the best smartphones up to 250 euro

5th place: Honor 5C.

Testrating: 1.74 price (State: 10 December 2016): from 173 euro in the PC world price comparison

Conclusion: The honor of 5C offers indeed many Smartphone for little money. The aluminium housing is stable and convincing in the test performance and battery life.

Detailed test: honor 5C.

Seat 4: HTC one mini 2

Testrating: 1.71 price (State: 10 December 2016): 239 euros in the PC world price comparison

Conclusion: The one mini 2 is compactly built and is therefore easy to handle. The design is very high quality and the camera quality is good, however you may experience some delays the system – means: the performance could be higher.

Extensive review: HTC one mini 2

3rd place: Huawei P9 Lite

Testrating: 1.67 price (State: 10 December 2016): 202 euro in the PC world price comparison

Conclusion: The P9 Lite has to forgo although significant metal coat and the Leica dual camera of the Huawei P9, for East the display just as sharp and bright, the battery life is long and enough also for demanding tasks. The Huawei P9 Lite is wacker in the test and provides better value for money compared to the P9.

Detailed test: Huawei P9 Lite

2nd place: LG G3

Testrating: 1.67 price (State: 10 December 2016): 279 euros in the PC world price comparison

Conclusion: Thanks to high-resolution display and thin frame, content get impressively good, especially movies look great. One drawback: The battery is strongly claimed so the run time is lower than that of the competition.

Detailed test: LG G3

1st place: Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

Testrating: 1.60 price (State: 10 December 2016): starting from 259 euro in the PC world price comparison

Conclusion: The Galaxy A5 2016 is the cheap alternative to the S6 – or also S7. The Smartphone comes in a chic and elegant case and the performance is sufficiently high. In addition, the memory is expandable.

Detailed test: Samsung Galaxy A5 2016