Thanks to Chainfire Can Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 from The First Day

Remains is to push a sale but the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that we met in Barcelona they already have root. Some lucky ones have already received the first units and take advantage of the days prior to the launch to tell us details of what you could see at the time in Barcelona when we had a chance to try them for the first time.

The root of both models is courtesy of Chainfire, a user more than known at this point in the Android development community and that It has always had a very close relationship with Samsung devices and the development of applications around the possibility of be root.

Root from the first day, with commitments

The method used to make root in this device is based on the solution CF auto-Root created by Chainfire. As he explains, has not had to make major changes in the script of CFAR in order to function correctly. Facing our future use, the process will be comfortable and will not have to do anything complex.

At the moment Chainfire has been able to root successfully both the S6 as the Edge S6 go on sale T-Mobile in the United States. It is important to emphasize this since there each operator has its own model of the phone but It is expected that the process works on the rest, including the international choice coming to Spain.

Having root mean access to a lot of applications that we can not normally use. Backups, automatic processes managers or even the possibility of installing custom ROMs. Much to gain but, in the case of the S6 and its curved version, We will also lose a few things.

Chainfire explains that it is very likely that we lose after taking root access to mobile payments managed through KNOX and Samsung Pay. Always will be us other options, Yes, but it seems that getting Super Administrator permissions we will lose one of the new features of the S6.