Testdroid Tea Will Help to Verify That Your Applications Work in More Than 100 Different Devices

Most likely is that one of our readers is developing an implementing Android, isn’t it? One of the advantages and disadvantages is the diversity of terminals, each with his own version of Android, its resolution, power and custom configurations. It is a great advantage since it allows us to have terminals for all tastes, but the biggest problem it comes to a time to develop.

When develops cannot be allowed in a few temrinales it works badly, but one does not have the twenty most popular models of the moment or fifties that preceded it with that test if an app works fine on all terminals. So that this service can help many developers to have a clear idea of where it works and where the application fails.

It is Testdroid, a web service that will delight and dreams of developers more exogente. The idea of Testdroid is the of offer a range of reports on the performance of an app in more than 100 devices. The procedure is simple, starting with install a plugin in Eclipse that will allow to get a record of all the events that occur in the terminal.

The second step is to send the application to Testdroid and you will immediately be sent to more than 100 real terminals in a specific cluster for such service. Then we will only have to wait for the tests are carried out and an email is sent to us to let us know. This will bring a report of application load times and terminals that have failed will pass us a full log of all events.

No doubt is a service that will help anyone who wants to publish your app on Google Play and want to know what terminals will work and which do not. However remember that it is a service in BETA and is not 100% reliable, but it gives us a rough idea of how they will work applications.