Ten Curious Reasons For a Broken Iphone

What do a Pug, a diligent housewife, a schoolchild, a cat, and girls on the ladies toilet have in common? You are a threat to the iPhone! We present ten really strange reasons for broken iPhones in a gallery.

With the iPhone 7, Apple has made some others. And for example the 3.5 mm headphone jack killed. And while still lucky because Samsung with the competing Galaxy put note 7 a belly landing. But one thing remains unchanged: the iPhone many different dangers threaten.

The phone-Klinik in Munich repaired defective iPhones and iPads. The most damaged smartphones and tablets are all world cases, but again lands a hard taken with iPhone at phone clinic that has been damaged for a very unusual reason. From this we have made a funny Gallery: we present the ten most reasons for broken iPhones in collaboration with the phone clinic which had to repair the phone clinic. To do so click through the image gallery.

The above Gallery liked them? Then certainly very exciting for our video to the phone clinic. PC world looked namely the cell phone repair experts at work on the shoulder. Special workshops promise a repair of the defective Smartphone or Tablet favorite as the phone clinic only just faster and cheaper, as is the case with the repair service of the manufacturer. Because Apple is expensive to pay the exchange of a broken display or a depleted battery. Because it makes sense to look for cheaper alternatives such as the phone clinic.

In this context, of course, the question arises how reparaturanfällig iPhone, iPads and other smartphones and tablets are actually. Apple devices are commonly referred to as very robust. However, certain differences can be quite determine if one considers, for example, the values of a company, which insure mobile devices against damage. SquareTrade is a special insurance company and has already published interesting statistics about the reliability of the iPad long ago. Based on the data of his insurance clients SquareTrade noted at that time that was at the time the iPad 2 supposedly 3.5 times more prone to damage than the ur-pad. To the new iPad models no comparable figures are available.