Technology Blast: These Innovations Are at the IFA 2011 Really Important

The trend continues: tablets, tablets, tablets

2011 no own Tablet PC in the portfolio who can pack so most manufacturers think and are launching their own products in the battle for a piece of the iPad cake. While companies such as ViewSonic, Toshiba, Medion choose the classic form factor, is Sony Tablet S and P brave and so at the same time new problems on the tray. Samsung adds to its successful Galaxy series to further display sizes and so finally closes the gap between Tablet and Smartphone. Also dispute with Apple will be at the IFA 2011 its continuation.

The Tablet Trends are the IFA and 2011

IFA 2011:-don’t miss these ten new products!

10 products top products of CeBIT TV with glasses without glasses, 3D without 3D: Superlatives for each
the third dimension remains an important issue for TV manufacturers, convincing concepts without glasses get the most attention: thanks to four full HD resolution, Toshiba has enough pixels for its lens technology. It comes after Sony, users do without the glasses, but the TV. See three-dimensional content directly in the nose frame with the HMZ-T1. Extrascharf is it at sharp: TV resolution 33 megapixel is composed of 85-incher from the competition.

IFA 2011: TV-trends of the fair

Notebooks: flat in three dimensions
Toshiba shows with the Qosmio F750 3D notebook, which simultaneously represents two – and three-dimensional content thanks to attentive pupil observation through the webcam. Hardly discover the laptop manufacturer 3D for themselves, they try as much as possible to reduce another dimension: the height. Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Samsung show all new Ultrabooks, that allows headwinds properly should miss the MacBook Air with exquisite design and slim dimensions. Asus Eee PC X 101 with MeeGo operating system is similar to narrow, but less powerful and surprisingly cheap with 169 euro.

notebook and NetBook trends IFA 2011