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Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee


Music lovers get goose bumps just at the mention of these two names. According to ask4beauty, because the state of Tennessee in general and its capital Nashville in particular stand for country music like no other country in the USA.

Of course you can go to museums in Nashville. Of course there are many great parks there, where you can jog, picnic and relax in the typical American way. But if you want to hear the heart of Nashville Tennessee beat, if you want to capture this city in its core, you need ears above all. Because Nashville is the city of music, especially country music. Without going to a concert, without spending a long night in a music club, a trip to Nashville is actually inconceivable – at least it would be very, very incomplete.

In addition to a set of well-blown ears, you should definitely have a pair of comfortable dancing shoes with you. After all, it is not for nothing that the city is nicknamed “Music City USA”. The motto of the US state is logically “Tennessee sounds good to me”. Does that sound like a good travel destination to you?

Here is, at least in commercial terms, the absolute center of this genre. The major music publishers and record companies are located in Nashville, this is where the studios are located and where the most important prizes are awarded. All of this naturally has an impact on the city as a whole. Anyone who loves country and likes to dance could easily spend a “night vacation” in Nashville. Sleep during the day, go out to eat in the evening and then dance the night away. That would be possible, but somehow a shame. Because Nashville of course not only has something to offer for the ears and the legs.

There has to be a bit of history

Before you plunge into the dance, there is a little bit of history. Where modern Nashville extends today, there was once only a simple wooden structure. This is where James Robertson and his pioneers holed up when the indigenous Indians made a push to protect their ancestral lands. Everyone knows that they did not succeed in the end and that the settlers from Europe won the long battle in the end. The “Fort Nashborough”, which was at the center of the action back then, still exists today. It is now part of the “Riverfront Park” that visitors will find in downtown Nashville. There you can clearly see how the city developed. It was very fast in those times. The city of Nashville was officially incorporated on December 25, 1779. Only a few years later, in 1796, the young state of Tennessee was publicly proclaimed. At that time, the entire American federation was on the move, and major political upheavals were accompanied by groundbreaking technical innovations – such as the construction of the railroad. It’s fun to look at this exciting development in Riverfront Park.

Incidentally, around 30 years later, the first US president from Nashville was elected. Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, held this office from 1829 to 1837 and was the only president to date to settle the national debt and hand over a budget that was in the black to his successor. His former private residence, the “Hermitage”, is a good 20 kilometers outside the city and is now a museum and event center. It counts around 15 million visitors year after year and should not be missing as a destination for at least half a day when visiting Nashville.

Athens of the south

Americans like second and third names, so it’s no wonder that Nashville also has another name. “ Athens of the south ”, so “ Athens of the south“Is the name of the city for all those for whom the focus on music is too one-sided. And they are right, after all, the cityscape is dominated by a really unusual building. Believe it or not, Centennial Park features a true-to-life replica of the Greek Parthenon. For those who, for once, have not paid attention during this history lesson: The Parthenon is the main building of the Acropolis in Athens and was built around 500 years before the birth of Christ. In Nashville, the building was completed for an exhibition in 1925. Since then it has surpassed the Athenian original by far in terms of its structural condition. The magnificent building now functions as a museum and houses, also in copies, the statues of the entire Greek gods. A must for all fans of classical education! The “Frist Center for the Visual Arts” is much more modern, where not only film screenings, exhibitions and lectures but also workshops take place. This is where the intellectual Nashville that engages with modern art and modern art forms presents and meets. The Cheekwood Museum and the Botanical Garden are also well worth a visit. Even those who don’t have much to do with art should definitely not miss the garden in which the museum is located. Not only the facility as such is worth seeing in every season. In addition, the park’s evening illuminations are a highlight.

Proud of good products and delicious food

What is fun usually also makes you hungry. It’s a good thing that people in Nashville like to eat well, and above all like to eat well. The city is virtually surrounded by large farms, all of which place value on producing healthy, high-quality products. Whether meat, milk, fruit and vegetables – in Nashville, great emphasis is placed on local products and good cuisine. This applies to private households as well as to countless restaurants, snack bars, cafes and diners, where tourists can benefit from the good taste of the Nashvillians, as the people of Nashville are called. If it can be a little finer and also more expensive, “The Catbird Seat” is an experience. The chef comes from the legendary “Noma” in Copenhagen, which has already been done several times was voted the best restaurant in the world, and has conquered the city’s gourmets in the Surm. The table is reserved at thecatbirdrestaurant.com.

Nashville is great for shopping, great going out, and great culture. But no matter how high-quality the range of activities may be, everyone just has to get some fresh air in between. So it fits well that Nashville also has a lot of outdoor activities to offer. The Nashvillians, as the locals call themselves, prefer to spend their free time in the city’s numerous parks or in a sports arena. Nashville is crazy about sports and there is no weekend without some major event. Those who prefer their own activity to the place in the stands can hike, cycle, jog, fish, ride and much more in Nashville itself and in the immediate vicinity.

But now really into the nightlife and the music scene

Nashville without country music would be like Salzburg without Mozart. So not at all! There are great music venues everywhere in the city where bands play live and you can literally dance the night away. One of the best addresses is the “Ryman Auditorium” (ryman.com). Everyone who has made a name for himself in the country scene plays and has played here; Including Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. A visit to Robert’s Western World (robertswesternworld.com). Anyone who has always wanted to spend a night in a real honky-tonk bar has come to the right place. Great love music, great atmosphere, great atmosphere. The next day should be planned as a rest day.

Nashville, Tennessee

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park

The state of Florida is home to Biscayne National Park. This extends over an area of ​​700 km². Almost 540,000 people visit this national park every year. Biscayne National Park has existed as a national park since June 28, 1980.

The history of Biscayne
National Park

It was the Spaniards who were the first Europeans to come to Florida in the 16th century. They were mainly involved in the slave trade and quickly got to know the local Indians. The resident tribe of the Glades Indians were culturally very high and ruled the country theocratically. So it came about that the Spaniards tried very hard to colonize Florida, but the Glades successfully drove them out of their region again and again.
The pirates were also extremely feared at the time. Because of the many storms and coral reefs that were difficult to navigate, the sea route to Florida was very dangerous for seafarers. Today the coral reefs belong to the Biscayne National Park and are of course under nature protection. The coral reefs and especially the underwater world of Biscayne National Park are ideal for diving and snorkeling. The many old shipwrecks are also part of it and some of them can be dived.

The animals in the Biscayne National Park

When looking at the location of the national park, it quickly becomes clear that the corals are the main attraction of the animals. Many people are not aware that corals consist of lime-separating hollow animals and therefore belong to animals and not, as many assume, to plants.
The coral reefs in Biscayne National Park are without question enormously impressive.
These corals, which also live in abundant diversity here in the Biscayne National Park, provide the habitat for many other creatures such as sponges, jellyfish, sea snails, mussels, crabs and titfish. The numerous different fish species, some of which swim around the diver in schools, are also very fascinating. However, you shouldn’t venture into unknown territory alone. It is best to dive with a diving guide. Because there are also various predatory fish and barracudas. Those who would like to experience a dolphin up close will find the opportunity to do so in Biscayne National Park. Manatees also frolic in the water here.

Bird lovers will have a great time in Biscayne National Park, as there are over 200 different species of birds here. This of course also includes plenty of seabirds. In addition to pelicans and seagulls, the rare pink spoonbills and egrets have also settled here.

A special highlight is the annual egg-laying of the leather-backed turtle. These animals are extremely rare and are protected. The animals are also hardly suitable as pets, because a few of the specimens are up to two meters long and then weigh over 700 kilos.

The flora in Biscayne National Park

The flora in Biscayne National Park is as rich as the fauna. Unfortunately, only a few of the tropical hardwoods are left in Biscayne National Park, as these trees fell victim to the shipbuilders. But you can still see them sporadically in the south of the area. Due to the maritime climate, mainly magrove forests grow in the park, which were, however, newly created later. In addition, there are many subtropical grasses and shrubs that feel very comfortable in this climate. There are also brown algae in the sea.

Biscayne National Park