T-Mobile Alerts: Watch out for Traffic P2P

Some time ago that the U.S. operator T-Mobile created their unlimited data for connections LTE plans for customers with particularly high needs in this area. Those plans, however, are beginning to be used by certain users to download via P2P protocols like BitTorrent.

That He did not like those responsible for T-Mobile, that you have been advised that it has identified to users that make use of these data plans for massive downloading content via such networks. “This has as result a negative experience for the data network for T-Mobile customers.” Those who do so are exposed to a cut in download speed in its data plans, indicate the company responsible for.

Thus, the users of these plans for data 4 G/LTE unlimited, who pay 70 or 80 dollars a month according to plan, will have to be careful with the use that make those connections: use tethering smartphones to download content audio and video via BitTorrent networks, for example, is explicitly referred to in the terms of use that speak of a violation of such plans data.

These connections nor can be “broadcasts or posts” with webcams with streaming, automatic feeds of data or connections between machines-automated. Detect those behaviors, T-Mobile will get in touch with those users to warn them that they may reduce speed until the next billing period “if they continue to abuse the service”.

The data flat rates 4 G/LTE ,according to ewenzhou,they are one of the barriers that currently does not have have exceeded in our country – but with little known exceptions, while in countries as Germany already exist more ambitious offerings at this point- but unlike fiber or ADSL connections, where there are no problems in using P2P services – at least, not in the terms of service of the ISPs – there in the cellular data networks that have clear limitations with regard to congestion of the networks at a high use of these networks by a high number of concurrent users.