SwiftKey X Version Halloween, and Give a Festive Touch to Your Android Keyboard

Continuing the theme of the Feast of Halloween, turn to one of the customizations in Android more productive, and is none other than the can add alternative text input methods to the keyboard of the system. One of the most popular alternative keyboard is Swype, but that doesn’t mean that other alternatives to consider there are.

Thus on this occasion, made up for the festivities tonight arrives SwiftKey X, although it started with the smartphone version recently have taken an exclusive version for tablet with Honeycomb, whose version allows you to split the keyboard into two, to handle it more easily when you take it with both hands, relegating the keypad to the center of the screen you have to try it!

This customization of SwiftKey It is free and has been created especially for Halloween. It exists for the smartphone and tablet version. To enable it just have to access the keyboard and click on the configuration of SwiftKey key and then go to the settings menu and choose the Pumpkin theme. The squash/pumpkin are vegetables related to this holiday and your Orange tone is more than enough to dye the keyboard and give it a different touch. To my I like even more than today. Enjoy the holiday and your keyboard!