Sounds like the Next Watch Huawei Tizen

Each month Kantar brings us figures for use in terms of brands and operating systems, and each month we see how Android is the mobile operating system in mobile devices in the world, but their cuttings to smartwatches is not a reflection of this domain, but quite the opposite. When Samsung initially chose not to adopt it for their Gear, now it seems that Huawei will leave it aside to install Tizen in its smartwatches.

Although we usually associate Tizen to Samsung, is not that the second has the first, but that the technology giant is the largest contributor on the mobile platform. In this way, Besides Samsung, LG and others soon we would also to Huawei, according to echo today on Slashgear.

Friends on mobile phones, not so much in smartwatches

The Google ways are inscrutable and more taking into account that, per, not lavish too much as a hardware manufacturer. Although it has own devices as the Chromecast, for smartphones in traditional way has put the content (the software) and it has relied on another company for the continent (telephone), one of them with the Nexus 6 p being Huawei and can that with something else (we will see the 4 of October or later).

Apparently Google has not put much of that Huawei end of customize Android Wear in their smartwatches

The panorama in Smart Watches changes a little. Here Google has no product but an operating system for those manufacturers as well as with phones want to resort to the internet colossus for moving its smartwatches, as the main alternative to the Apple Watch. Huawei is one of those manufacturers, but apparently Google has not put much of himself so the Chinese manufacturer end of customize Android Wear in their smartwatches.

Thus, with a Google little cooperator Huawei would have put more than look Tizen and like Samsung with some of their weaeables I would have chosen the platform for your next smartwatches. Information that according to suggest in a newspaper of South Korea comes from a worker’s Samsung.

Apps or support?

Android Wear, such as Android, is an option for hardware manufacturer, but the conditions of systems are not the same base. While the mobile system is mature enough for a third incorporate it into their devices per is without need for Standardization, does the same thing in Android Wear, requiring the manufacturer to do so, and it is at that point where it seems that Google has not helped enough.

In this way he would have escaped Huawei, who, seeing the results of Samsung with Tizen would have been working with this to take a similar path. That Yes, perhaps in Tizen technical support is higher than in Android Wear, but not so in terms of the developers of apps, having a rather broader in the second market, while promptly we see that some large remembers Tizen to develop your product.

At the moment is an information without confirmation by any of the parties. We will see if next Huawei watches have finally Tizen and not Android Wear so far, and if that move is better not only at the operational level, but also at the level of sales. The platform has managed to grow despite the dominance of the big coming to BlackBerry in mobile sales, although it has also lost support and this collaboration of Huawei would not come you bad.