Sony SmartBand Talk: the Evolution of a Cuantificadora Bracelet

Sony does not want to be outdone in the market of gadgets that monitor our every day, and therefore submitted the evolution of your wrist called Sony SmartBand Talk cuantificadora.

It’s a more complete than other gadgets quantifiers version, so it is located close to a smartwatch. It has a screen-based electronic ink technology to protect their autonomy, now 3 days. This is much more than a smartwatch but far from most of the quantifiers which operate without refueling for up to a week.

The Sony SmartBand Talk not only shows us what records of our daily movements on your screen, but it also It is possible to answer calls Since this new bracelet evolved, because it includes microphone and speaker.

Another amendment which speaks of evolution of the new Sony bracelet, is the inclusion of altimeter and the possibility to immerse the bracelet as well as measure specific activities as swimming or cycling.

The Sony SmartBand Talk is none other than the evolution of a cuantificadora bracelet towards a gadget that allows for greater integration with our smartphone and enables more interesting functions to log daily movements.

Is expected that the new Sony product is on sale for the month of October, at a price of 169 euros, and will be compatible with any device Android. This time, we can have more information about the performance and usefulness of this new gadget.

For those who are looking for a sophisticated quantifier or want a smart watch that can also monitor a sporting activity, the Sony SmartBand Talk is a good alternative that soon we will have in the market.