So The Innos D6000, a Phone with Double Up to 6000 MAh Battery

In a market such as smart phones, which we can find hundreds of manufacturers offering a large number of devices with very few differences in hardware, a good way of trying to point out is the of propose solutions to some of the problems most notable of the sector.

It is what tries to make Innos, a Chinese company that is about to launch a mobile phone that promises to put an end to all our problems of autonomy thanks to a dual battery that add up to 6000 mAh so that we can take it we travel without having to worry that we will leave pulled halfway through the weekend.

All this will be thanks to a integrated battery 2500 mAh and another removable 3500 mAh that I can take whenever you want while the phone is turned off or stop working. Also has an extremely simple charging system, as the two batteries are charged at the same time one time input device in the current.

Powerful mid-range

This D6000 Innos inside we will find a 5.2 inch display and Full HD 1080 p resolution, in addition to a processor Snapdragon 600, 2 gigs of RAM memory and 16 expandable internal storage via microSD cards. Specifications concludes a double SIM slot and a powerful 16-Megapixel back camera.

In terms of appearance, has a plastic finish very by the style of the ranges stockings and low of makes one or two years, without too much personality, but that could still be improved, maybe even missing two or three months so that the mobile is launched in the Chinese market for a price that have not wanted to reveal.

As we have said, the device will be first in the Chinese market to go after spreading slowly for the rest of the world, and although initially will be available only with the Android operating system (still to be determined if KitKat or Lollipop), the company has planned lAnzar another version that uses Windows Phone.