Smartphones: LG Will Send The g6 In The Flagship Race

The Mobile World Congress casts its shadow. Because Samsung will probably show no Galaxy S8, the question stands: what manufacturer has the best smartphone in the luggage? A candidate: The LG G6.

If the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona starts in two weeks, the large Smartphone manufacturer have left their new flagships of the stack. Traditionally the industry pulls their big show on the Sunday before the show – with the climax in the evening, when Samsung introduces its new Galaxy. This will be only a Tablet this time but, after the touch 7 debacle, Samsung has put the idea of Galaxy S8 to a later date. To move the other manufacturer in focus – for example, LG.

LG G6: No modules more

LG will present the G6 in Barcelona. Here, the manufacturer of the modular concept of the predecessor model moves away LG G5, that is not well sold despite superior characteristics. “Consumers are not particularly interested in modular smartphones,” a company spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. When the G6 LG emphasis now on design and useful details. The bets are currently on a waterproof construction, quad DAC audio chip, fingerprint scanner and strong battery performance – and perhaps there’s a feature that should interest some buyers just after the note 7 overheating: a replaceable battery.

The G6 should bring even an Intelligent Assistant, most recently had the most top models on board. After probably Amazon’s Alexa in the shortlist, the notes that the G6 with Google’s Assistant delivered condense. This is supported by recent reports that Google wants to bring his assistant, at least in the English-speaking to more Android smartphones. So far, the wizard is reserved Googles of own pixel smartphones and the Messenger Allo.

Large display, thin frame

Design was always a strength of LG. If we are to believe the various leaks of in recent weeks, also the G6 back is a piece of jewelry. A large display with very narrow frame is a picture surfaced on the Internet showing the front end of the G6, allegedly. The verge has a similar image that you want to show a part of the new G6. The manufacturer himself hinted on the invitation for the MWC that the G6 “a big screen”, but should be still manageable.

There are rumors it has 5.7 “display a 18:9-(2:1)-Format – and could make up almost the entire surface of the Smartphone.” Possibly a full 16:9 is available for apps-format available, the rest shows the Android operating and the status bar. Similar to the Xiaomi at Wed caused mix: 2040 × 1080 points, full HD for apps, 120 × 1080 for the three Android buttons. HTC solves the problem when U ultra else: here a second display, mounted directly above the main display shows additional information.

Display resolution and CPU

What resolution will have the LG display, is another question, which is still discussed in the rumor mill. Maybe 4 K: Sony Z5 premium two years ago that, brought no benefits, but also because only two proprietary apps by Sony even in a position to address it with the full resolution. Are now standard 2560 × 1440 pixels at high end devices, here are already not individual pixels. 4 K will bring significant advantages for VR.

The latest Qualcomm chip is likely to lack in the G6 but: instead of the Snapdragon at CES featured 835 to insert into the LG G6 of predecessor Snapdragon 821. The reason is believed: LG wants to bring the new flagship in Korea shortly after the MWC on the market and a month later then internationally. Qualcomm’s new, 10-nm technology manufactured lace chip set will be available in the short term not in the quantities required by LG. Particularly as competitor Samsung needed also for the Galaxy S8, that is may be only presented in April or may. Although the Snapdragon 821 already has a few months under his belt: he has enough power for a updates top Smartphone always – at least as long he must drive no 4K-Display.