Smart Watches Overcame The Sale of Swiss Watches

Volume of marketed devices had 315% increase in the last quarter of last year compared to the same period last year.

For the first time, smart watches sales surpassed those of Swiss watches in the world. According to the American research firm Strategy Analytics, intelligent watches sold in the last quarter of last year reached 8,100,000 units. In the same period, 7,900,000 Swiss watches were purchased around the world.

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The increased demand for devices that people can dress contrasts with the fall of interest by traditional luxury watches, which feature only the schedule. With the Apple Watch on the front line, the sale of smart watches had an increase of 315% compared to the fourth quarter of 2014, when were sold 1.9 million units. In the case of traditional watches, the results have not been favourable during the same period: the fall reached 4.8% compared to 8,300,000 units sold in the same period.

“The Swiss watch industry has been slow to react to the development of intelligent watches”, says the Executive Director of the Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston, in a statement. Swiss industry still is reluctant to incorporate the watches features present on smartphones, like sending messages, and sensors that monitor heart rate.

With 156-year history, the Tag Heuer is one of the few traditional brands of Switzerland proved willing to explore the new thread. In November 2015, the company launched, in partnership with Google and Intel, the Tag Heuer Connected with Android operating system. The device left out important features present in competitors such as the physical activity monitoring and mobile payments technology.

As a result, the Tag Heuer Connected represented only 1% of sales of smart watches in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Strategy Analytics.

In the same period, Apple dominated 63% of sales of smart watches. The manufacturer of the iPhone should announce a new version of the device in the coming months. Samsung is in second place with 16% of sales. According to the consultancy, the fast-growing sales in the countries of North America, Western Europe and Asia.