Smart Cushion, Invaded Stations and Catalan Squares

We started the weekend on Engadget Mobile with the selection of most unusual images that has left us this week around the world of mobile telephony and its protagonists.

An invasion at strategic points in several cities in Belgium, an advanced pad that takes a form quite geek and well known, and one Plaza de Tarrasa full of people watching a live show very peculiar, are the stories that make up our image of the week on Engadget Mobile.

iCushion, a strange name for the strangest cushion and your House geek

Becomes the perfect substitute for that cushion with heart-shaped that you played in the raffle, but of which he had no guts you RID, that hypothetical iPhone 4S/5 that Steve Jobs has forgotten to announce this week, as you hear it. iCushion is the name you have to record that only 20 euros of nothing can be the King of mambo and evolve easily seared in your memory, your sofa to the post-PC era.

What better experience than if you’re fan until the bars of Apple and its iPhone, to sit and watch TV embracing an iPhone 4 giant and soft, right? Rehabilitation.

This Smart-Pad has all the details of an iPhone 4, icons and even buttons, but you cannot guarantee to pass anything if you click on them, since it’s a cover 88% polyester and 12% spandex that account with styrofoam balls inside.

Their weight does not exceed the 300 grams and its dimensions are of 25 × 20 × 13 cm. For now I can only get online, but we do not rule out that bottomless of your neighborhood Asian stores pull “reverse engineering” and offer it to you soon. You have a full gallery of images in Daily iPhone Blog to your friends enjoy.

Green HTC invasion comes to Belgium stations

Now is the viral and exaggerated. HTC you have not thought it was too and set out to promote its range of Android terminals big in three railway stations three Belgian cities, monopolizing such stations of Green androids in mass scattered throughout the stay. The lucky cities were: Antwerp, Brussels and Namur.

HTC is a company that knows what it does and knows where makes it Web Gadget-Review you can see which was the deployment of androids from the company in a select batch of images and in this video of a Belgian fan you can see how people even tramples dolls with total calm and impunity, alarming:

It said that HTC knows what it does and where does so because can you imagine this same hype in a Spanish station? Not the kid who took the images it would have given time or removing the camera from the case until they disappear all the figurines, I at least would work selflessly in such vandalism Act, I must admit.

Angry Birds becomes real in the Nova Board in Terrassa

After seeing Arabian versions This famous game starring a few endearing Moody birds, thousand and one videos representations to scale of your game mode, and talk week Yes and week also something related to them, always remains something by tying friends.

The American operator T-Mobile He has wanted to represent Spanish in a filmed spot Festival and salt in the Plaça Nova of the Catalan city of Terrassa. Shakers aside, the spot represents a round of Angry urban Birds XXL size that takes place through the use of a Smartphone with Angry Birds installed.

As you can see from Directoryaah, people spend pipe, and with live music band playing the tune of the game included, get down to all the pigs demonstrating an extraordinary aim. Or that is what it seems, since thanks to a video-aficionado of the area we can see that trick is hidden behind the filming of the ad, that was held last may:

You buy cushions, steal green dolls or revolucionéis a public square, happy weekend to all.