Skitch, Already Enjoy This Tool to Create and Share Notes Graphics from Your Android

Today, at a special event of the company Evernote in San Francisco, thanks to Engadget coworkers who are there covering the news, we learned that this company you have purchased Skitch. EverNote is, almost certainly, one of the most widely used computer tools for the creation of all kinds notes. It has desktop application, but it also has a web version, as well as the corresponding versions for mobile platforms.

Long ago that we did an analysis to the version for Android. He has recently received several updates, improving the mobile version but, above all, the version for tablet, with a far superior interface, almost at the same time as the application for computer. Now, in addition, in both mobile devices, now it can be work directly with rich text.

Have been filed for giving the ‘ breast ‘ to the news of the purchase, the version of Skitch for Android that, to date, not available any version in mobile devices. We have been testing it briefly, since it is available for some minutes, and the first impression is that it will be one of the most used applications for share graphic notes. We will prepare an analysis of all its possibilities, but now we recommend the download and you begin to discover and exploit its possibilities.