Sights of Moscow, Russia

According to IELTS Test Centers, Moscow is by far the largest and most important city in Russia. This metropolis has been the center of the communist eastern bloc for many years. For much of the last century, the Soviet Union, along with America, formed the two most important nations. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the switch to capitalism, Moscow has rapidly become a combination of extremely expensive luxury places surrounded by a lot of poverty and decay in the former communist districts. Although Moscow certainly has a number of beautiful sights, including the famous Red Square, the city itself is less beautiful than Russia’s second city: Saint Petersburg.

Top 10 sights of Moscow

#1. Red Square
This world-famous square attracts millions of tourists each year in search of the magically beautiful buildings of this Russian city. This square is also famous for its historical events that took place in this power center of Russia. On the west side of this square you will find the Kremlin, in the north the National Museum of History, in the south the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and in the east the Mother of God of Kazan Cathedral.

#2. Kremlin
The name ‘Kremlin’ actually means ‘fortified city center’. This is the beating heart and historical center of the city. Not only the seat of the Russian Federation can be found here. There is also a theater, museum, congress building, several cathedrals and Tsar cannons. The whole is surrounded in the south by the river Moskva.

#3. Mausoleum of Lenin
This mausoleum is located on the Red Square. Here lies the embalmed body of Russia’s first leader, Vladimir Iyich Lenin or Vladimir Iyich Ulyanov. In contrast to the other buildings on and on this Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum is predominantly austere in shape and appearance. Nevertheless, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city of Moscow.

#4. Saint Basil’s Cathedral / Saint Basil
‘s Cathedral Everyone’s eyes on Red Square will soon be drawn to this masterful building. The special design and use of colors make this basilica an eye-catcher on one of the world’s famous squares. Commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, this cathedral was built between 1555 and 1560. The architect who designed this imposing building is Postnik Jakolev. The inside is also beautifully finished down to the smallest details. For enthusiasts, the (now) museum can be visited with a guide.

#5. Pushkin Museum
In this neoclassical fine art museum you will mainly find works from Europe. Since the opening in 1912, works by our own Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Pieter Claesz, Albert Cuyp and many more can be admired here. But other greats such as Claude Monet, Gauguin and Pablo Picasso are also well represented here.

#6. Novodevichy Convent / National History Museum
This well-preserved monastery on the Moskva River features five imposing domes and an octagonal bell tower. These are located in the oldest part of the monastery near the Smolens Cathedral. Many high-ranking women have found refuge there in history. The Novodevichy Cemetery can be found near the monastery. Celebrities such as Boris Yeltsin, Raisa Gorbachova and Andrei Tupolev lie here. Part of the monastery houses the National Historical Museum.

#7. Tverskaya ulitsa
For a long time in the history of Moscow, this street has been an important, perhaps the most important, thoroughfare of the city. The tsars used to pass here for their processional route. Now many people still pass by, but now on their way to St. Petersburg or to visit the many entertainment that can be found on this street. You will find good restaurants and excellent shopping facilities.

#8. Triumphal Palace
The tallest building in the city of Moscow is the Triumphal Palace. This apartment complex started construction in 2001 and finally opened its doors in 2005. The building with its spire has a height of 264.1 meters. With its appearance, the building is often linked to the ‘seven sisters’ that were built around 1950.

#9. Bolshoi Theater
The most important theater in Moscow is the Bolshoi Theatre. Mainly ballet and opera performances are given here. On the roof is the beautiful quadriga (four-in-hand from the ancient equestrian sport) which was designed by Peter Clodt von J├╝rgensburg. Both the theater and the quadriga are depicted on the 100 ruble banknote of Russia.

#10. Zamoskvoretsje
The name literally means ‘beyond the river Moskva’. This old commercial district of Moscow is separated from the Kremlin by the Moskva River. Many tourists should definitely visit this district. Here you will find the quieter authentic part of the city. Many old buildings have withstood the hand of time well here. There are many art galleries, churches, a monastery and the Bachrushin Theater Museum in the district.

Moscow, Russia