Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Also Will Take Your Version “Double Edge”

Mobile World Congress 2015 still give their latest tail until the closing of doors this afternoon, and although Samsung has already been the main protagonist of the event with its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge, it seems that the Korean media do not want nor rest on how much leakage on the next moves of the giant.

Dead King, King since. That have thought when they publish today new information about the future Galaxy Note 5, Today the real annual star of Samsung, but that it should not arrive before next September.

Apparently, the Korean giant is already working in a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 “dual Edge” technology premiered by the Galaxy S6 Edge, and although it was something that we expected, Roh Tae-moom – Vice President of product strategy, Samsung-has confirmed it directly.

It is too early to speak of this, especially in a market as volatile as the mobile telephony, and fast but it is very likely that Samsung continue this concept in its phablet star, to end of the device that brought this technology to the market and can be removed which in its size you more functionality.

However, we also have certain doubts, as far from the effect surprise is not sure is too useful to the side screen, and also the own Samsung stated always that your expectations are not too high with these versions.

Perhaps the price premium is very high for much aura and appeal that the “Galaxy Edge”.