Samsung Moble Phones | 1938, South Korea

Brand name: Samsung

Samsung Moble Phones 1938, South Korea




Brand facts:

  • Samsung is a world famous electronic brand as a top manufacturer of consumer electronic products including mobile devices, cameras, camcorders, print solutions, home appliances and other accessories.
  • They are devoted to create a better life through developing new technologies and providing innovative and functional products and services for people in the world.


Main Categories:

Mobile devices, TV/audio/video, smart camera/camcorder, notebooks/display, print solutions, home appliances, memory/storage


Time and place: 1938, South Korea

Early products: food processing, textiles, insurance, securities

Founder: Lee Byung-chul



Chairman: Lee Kun-hee


Headquarter Location:
Suwon, South Korea


Worldwide Locations:

South Korea and worldwide


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Smart phones: USD4.99-USD15630


Official Website: