Samsung Could Announce Its Own Cloud Service Together to The Galaxy SIII

Surely many of you have marked may 3 on your calendar, or at least mentally, since it is the day which is expected that Samsung presents the Galaxy SIII, or whatever end by calling.

Apart from the tired – or anxious – who may already be able to after much rumor and as much filtration of this terminal, and with one foot on Earth by what we can expect from him, Samsung could be finalizing its own cloud storage service.

As well, according to Korean media, Samsung could present the S-Cloud in the event The Next Galaxy that we told you about, with which could compete directly against the iCloud of Apple or Google Google Drive, which is coming soon.

According to MK News, the prestaria service from 5GB of storage base, with payment options. This cloud could come at the hands of Microsoft, since no one wants to be without its share of the pie in this world where everyone seems to want to knead our documents.

Is certainly an interesting alternative, which can make this sector more competitive and that may have to bring something more to be welcomed with force, as the supply of content inside. Perhaps the tool needed to provide greater integration on our smartphones with the cloud.