Rumors: First Details on the Our Site Tablet Surfaced

Our site soon with an own model in the booming Tablet market goes. For months, there is a speculation about an Our site tablet. CEO of Jeff Bezos made appropriate suggestions. Now compress the information. According to information of the Wall Street Journal the iPad rival to come precisely in October on the market is approximately the time at with new Apple hardware is to be expected.
Details Our site Tablet: Android
As the blog TechCrunch reported, runs on the Tablet Google’s Android operating system in the older version 2.2 (Froyo). An update to the Tablet-optimized Android version 3.2 (honeycomb) seems impossible. As the blog further reported, Our site has changed the user interface. On the main screen scroll as with cover flow by programs and files. Overall the layout reminiscent of a mix of Our site and Kindle. The device has access to apps do not have access to the Android market you through Our site’s own app store.

Technical specifications
The Tablet has a 7-inch multitouch display (17.7 centimeters). Our site thinks about the release of a version with ten inches in the next year. Differently than the Apple iPad 2 will have no camera. It seems relatively sure that only a version with Wi-Fi is available at the start of the sale. A UMTS module model appears likely to later.

Price and quantities
Our site plans to sell the Tablet for $ 249 (about 180 euros). It is unclear yet how to run sales and marketing of the device. Our site not even designed the Tablet-PC and leaves the production (as well as Apple) Asian manufacturers. The website of DIGITIMES reports Our site ordered 2011 around one million units for the third quarter. More than any other Tablet makers are up on Apple: Steve Jobs company tops the number to about ten times.

Top models: Tablet PC news 2017

16 Tablet see Tablet PCs Our site Apple has grown?
with its huge customer community, the world’s largest online retailer Our site has an enormous impact. Already approached Our site against Apple in the booming business of online music and videos. However dropped off according to latest available figures an unattainable lead Apple iPads more than 25 million? While iPad that is already in a second (and even third autumn) improved Edition on the market, the Our site tablet is a first attempt dar.

The profitable and growing market of digital content is particularly important for Our site: the online Department store sells E-books, music and movies similar to the Apple store via download. What is missing so far Our site is selling its own hardware in order to use the downloaded content. This interface would take the tablet. To fit the assumptions that the Tablet may have weaker hardware and a small hard disk. From the perspective of Our site, it seems comprehensible, if the device in strong dependency to Internet services (cloud services). Weaknesses on the part of the hardware had to compensate. An expert suggested in the wall Stret journal that Our site could sell its Tablet PC even with loss, to speculate on higher download revenue. (AP/UK)