Ringly, a Smart Ring that Is Synchronized with Your Smartphone

I thought that in this fashion, it was all invented, but not. Every day there is something that surprises me. How you stay if you’re drinking a coffee and suddenly your friend ring emits a light noise. “It’s my ring, vibrating”. And is that Ringly, It’s a Smart ring that alerts you if you call. The most! A perfect alternative to Apple Watch.

The ring vibrates and it shows some subtle lights of different colors when the user receives a notification on the phone Ringly is linked to that. The most! And it is that more and more technology and fashion have created a perfect bond. The advantage that I see is that you don’t need you have the mobile over and the table, of which we are so outstanding, and over is a very cute and sophisticated, accessory with a modern design and nothing boring. Available in several colors and is priced from $195,00.

The ring is valid for iOS and Android and it is very simple to use, both coming without instruction book. In addition, I can tell you that the piece is very well made. Laura (my friend) tells me that you only have to Download the mobile app and start using it. “It connects only to the telephone without requiring that you have to follow cumbersome steps and configure alerts. “Is for children, everything is going by colors and drawings which is super intuitive”.

Time to time the app has new updates to leave according to the progress of the operating system of the phone. Alerts you of calls, sms and the whatsapp, “but can be configured for almost anything.” In addition, the alert can customize depending on who’s calling you. Battery usually lasts two days and is loaded into a box as Jewelries having behind a small mini USB cable usb.

The only drawback is that, since you ask * it takes six months to arrive, since they only make them custom made. “Since I placed the order, Ringly remained in constant contact with me to inform us of the process at all times, nearly every month they sent us an email informing me”. It’s an American firm so the ring does not include customs charges.

A different and complement technology!