“Prioritize Every Detail Is Key to Developing the Apple Watch”

When they ask me about Apple Watch, about whether I’m going or not to buy it, my answer is clear: no. Apple’s new device seems very interesting to me but I feel that it needs not only mature, also find real applications that add value to include a new screen in your day to day.

In this sense the company strives in that you know basic applications which you can do through various videos posted on its website and will also do so with official shops in its stores. But is it enough? For me not until see everything you developers we have prepared.

Developers will be key to the future success of the Apple Watch

Interview with Enric Enrich, developer of Todoist for iOS and OS X

Using Todoist to presented its version for Apple Watch I have spoken with Enric Enrich, developer responsible for the version of the Apple clock. He wanted to know first-hand the difficulties and challenges that one faces when it sits in front of the WatchKit.

Todoist stands out for many reasons and one of them is to be cross-platform, is available in 15 different platforms and now come to the Apple Watch. How did the experience of developing for the Apple clock?

Enric: For me, always develop something for an Apple product, it is a great experience, I love it. We are at the beginning of what Apple Watch, with some limitations, and I’m sure that as these limitations are eliminated will see many truly amazing apps, with functions that neither you imagine in a principle that you could do from a smartwatch.

Apple Watch depends on the iPhone, do you think that applications like Todoist or similar will have a high percentage of use or at the end we only limit to check possible notifications?

Enric: Apple Watch and iPhone work together so the biggest difference is the size of the device. Given that you have less space to display information for each task it is important to know how to prioritize every detail, and that is what we have done. Todoist for Apple Watch depends on 100% of the iPhone: notifications, show information of your task lists, etc. But to stay only for notifications is not the idea, there is a kit of useful features that the user may need in doll and that are in fact made in thousandths of a second, much faster than removing the Pocket. & nbsp phone;

How can you have raised the experience of Todoist in Apple Watch? We have less screen but it seems that we access to virtually the same information.

Enric: The surface of the clock only allows you to display limited information. In addition, if you think about it, would be quite uncomfortable having to read lots of information on a small surface. The grace of the clock is that you information instantly that you need, is for this reason that we thought the app interaction fast and light. & nbsp;

I imagine that not everything has been perfect, in addition to reimagine the interface what has been the biggest problem that you’ve faced?

Enric: The experience has been good in General, is a challenge, and that’s great. But some of the least expected challenges were related to some of the limitations imposed by Apple in this first version of the WatchKit. It is true that we knew that it would have limitations, but anyway, some have to come to us by surprise. In addition, since you have less space to display information for each task, it is important to know how to prioritize each detail. & nbsp;

Some feature or use key to bet on a Apple Watch and access Todoist from doll?

Enric: The most important thing is that the app works well in that piece of screen, must think when the user tends to look at the doll and when not. It can not overwhelm in a tiny space of vision. As for Todoist, you can assign a notification of a task based on your physical location, for example.

I want to know your opinion as a developer, does it have the same success of iPhone Apps at Apple Watch? is it able to have an important catalog of apps that are not mere notifiers?

Enric: I personally think that it will come to have the same success, or almost the same, as the iPhone level apps. May not see it right away, or in the next few months. Right now still is something limited to develop apps for the Apple Watch, but safe when native apps can be developed for the Apple Watch will see many apps that we had never imagined could exist (as happened with the iPhone).

The ecosystem will be key to the success of the Apple Watch

Early estimates estimate one million reservations of the Apple Watch, a figure that is not bad but after speaking with Enric, my idea of not buying it even takes hold much more. This is a first version which will be very parallel to the first iPhone beginnings.

The original iPhone was the limitation or dependence on internet and the webapps. Until they reached not native apps did not begin to take off even though he had a big hit since the competition had nothing to offer equal.

Apple Watch happens like, we have the limitation of relying on in excess of the iPhone is its limitation- and until the arrival of native apps will not change the situation. Clear now the competition does have things to offer and if Android Wear gives support to iOS tighten more. But now I look with different eyes at Pebble, a great choice. We’ll see what happens. By the time that the availability of Apple Watch is going to be little doesn’t worry me, wait quiet to a new version of Watch OS or the future Apple Watch 2.