Poll: 76 Percent Of Children Take Their Mobile Device In Bed

Parents worry about the safety of their children on the net, but often are a bad example.

The software company Intel security (formerly: McAfee) Internet use by childrenexamined in a survey. This worldwide 13,000 parents were asked how they restrict access of the kids. The participants come from Germany in addition to Australia, the USA or India. The results show that only 23 per cent of parents limit their children’s Internet use by software or monitor.

This is dangerous, as 76 percent of the kids may take an Internet-enabled device in the bed. About a third of the parents provides with the removal of the devices for limiting access in the offspring: 48 percent allowed a two-hour use per day, 20 percent of parents pay for their offspring less than an hour a day.

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Parents study have the biggest fear before cyber criminals or pedophiles. One-third of the parents has must determine previously, that children were pages unsuitable for them. Have a great role model effect but not all parents: one-third of the respondents was of the own child already admonished, to place the mobile device even during family time. After all, 85 per cent of all surveyed parents talked once with their children about the potential dangers of the Internet.

The makers of the survey to urge parents to talk with their children at an early stage about possibilities and dangers of the Internet. Simple rules like “Open E-Mails from strangers” online security could pass by so early on in flesh and blood. The precedent of the parents should not be underestimated: when parents limit their time with social media, also the junior learns faster with these temptations to deal.

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