Places to Visit in Ireland

You must experience these in Ireland


Powerscourt is high on the list for many of the visitors who travel to Ireland – and for good reason. Powerscourt Townhouse is an enchanting English-style country house with an absolutely stunning garden that was voted the world’s third most beautiful by National Geographic.

When visiting Powerscourt Townhouse on trips to Ireland, you can explore the site’s 47 acres of land, which consists of a mix of gardens, lakes, waterfalls and historic buildings. Here you will find, for example, Ireland’s highest waterfall, which is named after the area.

Powerscourt is located south of Dublin and can be experienced on the way to the Wicklow Mountains on trips to Ireland. The area is huge so you can easily get a whole day to go in the gardens. If you do not have a whole day for the purpose, then it may be a good idea to prioritize what you want to see.

JB Malon Memorial

The JB Malon Memorial is a memorial stone erected in honor of the man behind the Wicklow route, John James Bernard (‘JB’) Malone. JB Malon was an officer who, as a young man, began exploring the Wicklow Mountains and is responsible for many of the routes that exist today.

From the JB Malon Memorial you can enjoy some of Ireland’s most spectacular views. From the memorial stone you can, among other things, enjoy the view of Lough Tay, which is one of Ireland’s most enchanting and popular mountain lakes.

The JB Malon Memorial can also serve as a good starting point if you want to venture out on the Wicklow route. On trips to Ireland, the memorial stone can also be reached by car, where it is only 300 meters from the nearest car park.

Wicklow windows

South of Dublin you will find the Wicklow route, which is one of Ireland’s most popular walking routes. The route covers the largest highland area in Ireland and offers an abundance of beautiful scenery that takes you through local villages, mountains and mountain lakes.

The route was opened back in 1980 and is therefore one of Ireland’s oldest marked hiking routes. The route stretches over 132 km, where you pass some of the most beautiful and best preserved Irish nature – including the waterfall at Powerscourt Townhouse and the mountain lake Lough Tay.

On trips to Ireland, the starting point of the route can be reached in just 1.5 hours from Dublin Airport, and is, along with the enchanting scenery, the reason for its popularity. The strategic location of the route therefore makes it easy to combine a city break with hiking on trips to Ireland.

Lough Tay

Lough Tay is probably one of the most photographed places in the Wicklow region – and with good reason: the magnificent mountain lake with the cliffs behind it is a fantastic sight that you must not deceive yourself on when traveling to Ireland.

Lough Tay Lake is also known as “Guinness Lake” as the area is owned by the Guinness family. The approximate black waters of the mountain lake can almost lead the thirsty hiker to believe that the lake is filled with Guinness.

The lake is located on private territory and therefore it is not possible to experience it up close on trips to Ireland. On the other hand, on Ireland trips you can enjoy the view of the lake from, among other things, the JB Malon memorial stone, which you will find along the Wicklow route.

Temple Bar

As you travel through the vibrant streets of Dublin on your travels to Ireland, do not deceive yourself into visiting Temple Bar. Temple Bar is highlighted as Dublin’s cultural district and is packed with pubs, galleries and niche shops.

In the Temple Bar district you can get an insight into Ireland’s vibrant pub culture, which you should experience on your Ireland trip. In the neighborhood you will find a number of Dublin’s most popular pubs, where you can sample hundreds of different whiskeys.

Even if you are not into the Irish pub scene, you should still make your way past Temple Bar on trips to Ireland. The neighborhood is a gathering place for Dublin’s culture, and you will therefore find street musicians, markets, exhibitions and galleries.

Temple Bar