PDAnet Is Updated by Introducing The Option of Hiding The Tethering

Among the many options that exist to make tethering with Android, i.e. share our device with a computer Internet connection, PDAnet It is a very interesting option. However some operators, on the basis of their commercial interests, limit access to tethering.

Thanks to the new update for PDAnet can hide the tethering so that our operator will not know that we are using this type of connection. A good news for those who, either sporadic or regular, use your Android phone as if a modem 3G (or WiFi) were.

On the website of PDAnet, where is the update information, do not specify how is hidden the tethering so that the operators do not recognize this type of traffic. We assume that it will be to not give tracks competition or to telephone companies in the future to restrict access.

In order to use PDAnet, In addition to installing our Android application, we need to install the corresponding client on the computer. At the moment this new update (3.0) is available for Windows only so Mac and Linux users may not enjoy moment of this new functionality.

For past to remind you that the free version of PDAnet can’t connect to pages that use the Protocol HTTPS so if we tend to connect to these types of pages will have to proceed to checkout and purchase the paid version which is worth 24 dollars (16,22 euros) but it is now offering 16 dollars (10 euros).