Panasonic Mobile Phones | 1918, Osaka, Japan

Brand name: Panasonic

Panasonic Mobile Phones 1918, Osaka, Japan




Brand Facts:

  • Panasonic is a world top brand providing a wide range of products including cameras, computers, mobile phones, TVs, semiconductor products and home appliances.
  • Their mission is to create more innovative and advanced products to enhance the quality of people’s lives and promote the development of our society.


Main Categories:

Digital AV, mobile phone, home communication, car AV & navigation system, home appliances & batteries, beauty & healthcare


Time and place: 1918, Osaka, Japan

Original name: National

Early products: lamp sockets

Founder: Konosuke Matsushita



Chairman: Shusaku Nagae

Vice Chairman: Masayuki Matsushita

President: Kazuhiro Tsuga


Headquarter Location:
Kadoma, Osaka, Japan


Worldwide Locations:

Japan, worldwide


New Arrivals




Price Range:

Smart phones: USD81.84-USD1599


Official Website: