Overview of The Contest Spain 2012, Great Level of This First “Eventazo” of The Spanish Edition

It was a difficult challenge, but the Contest Spain 2012 He has managed more than organise the first event dedicated exclusively to Android in our country with a resounding success. The franchise contest can feel very proud to have a new European headquarters. The quality of speakers and the interest of the attendees has been at a high level.

There we were Engadget Android talking with developers, speakers and visiting various booths of corporate sponsors. Then we told you all could see it.

Many of the Spanish speakers were old acquaintances from the community of developers Android who had walked his talks by Android Startup of Madrid or Barcelona GTUG, but never so far in an event exclusively dedicated to Android at this level. Thanks to Droiders company dedicated to the development of mobile apps has been achieved to bring to Spain the contest franchise with great effort, We commented how its makers in the interview we did before the start of the event.

The level of talks was quite high, even commented on the various cliques of developers who had attended a few weeks ago by the UK contest they were even better than seen in London. A pride for the Droidcon Spain, no doubt.

Hackathon, an application to share car

The first day was the turn of the hackathon, a programming contest in which teams had to develop an application on the same day. The challenge was to build a application to share car, a good idea that participants discussed in different ways, as the form in which they would share that data, for example, one of them a very viral way made both in the part of the application through Twitter. We hope that these apps are not there and that participants us comment if climb them Google Play so that all readers of Engadget Android we can try them.

The winning team It was formed by Oriol Pons, Marius Budin, Fernando Garcia and Roger room. Your application, Share Belt, You can add routes with information on departure, arrival and the price per person of expenses to share and, of course, sign up for them. Each of the routes can be viewed in Google Maps. Impressive for an application developed in just one day. Here below you can see some screenshots.

Lectures: a high level of the speakers at the level of the best European contest

December 7 was the key day where both international and national speakers, would begin in the talks grouped in different tracks (with the name of ICS, Jelly Bean, Honey Comb, Gingerbread, curious nod to different versions of Android).

Opened it the day’s talks Erik Hellman Sony with a tracing paper made to that in the UK Droidcon, but not without being one of the essential talks for developers more pros who want to do applications that make efficient use of the network and connections of the power that brings Android to their terminals. Sony made a great effort in this Droidcon Spain bringing speakers such as Erik of high level, in addition to be sponsors and mount a stand in which attendees could mess with the new Xperia family, including the unreleased Sony Xperia V which at the moment only will be available in the Nordic countries.

Erik Hellman’s talk at the Droidcon Spain

With only a day and four simultaneous tracks, it was impossible to attend all the talks. Often it was difficult to decide on one, since there were several quite interesting. Of all those that attended we had very good advice to create good apps Android.

Mark Allison We talked about Android Layouts. To give you an idea who don’t know thoroughly Android programming is something like the CSS, the layout of screens we see in Android. Without a doubt, Mark is a genius and knows to take advantage of each of the components of Android. To the same type was the talk of Hermes Pique Robot averaged over monetization of Android applications, very good explanation making practical use of the Android Billing Library Library.

The people of Go! Chat She was present at the contest, represented by Luis Santos CEO of Spartanbits that gave us one of the talks that liked, both technicians and not programmers. It could not let down their approach on what kind of things do users love our applications. Many examples of the presentation focused on the beta of Go! Chat that take time to develop. They are those small details that make users love our applications which distinguishes it from the rest, the key that has more than 5 million users around the world. Soon I will talk about the new application of Go! Chat that let us try. A great job.

Android devices have a lot of possibilities to share information. Saul Diaz tuenti (in addition to the community of Android Startups Manager) told us how we can take advantage of all these APIs for our applications. Not only were knowledge technicians if not that risked show us in your brand-new Nexus 4 as share information (“tuenti photo” attendees) via bluetooth, NFC, or WiFi Direct.

Although Google TV after two years still take off there are many possibility that developers can use platform. Iñaki Villar made us an excellent overview for all them, have no doubt wanted to try them on any device that supports it. We are discussing possibilities that we see in the market after a height device developed by Samsung, Sony or any other manufacturer already focused on the Smart TV.

Wiebe Elsinga It is all an eminence on the theme of the prototyping of applications. A fundamental phase to develop successful applications. He showed us different alternatives for those prototypes in the early stages, both in paper with cut-out mobile, tools to use that help us to have soon navigation (userflow diagram). Paul Murphy We talked about ADT and the possibilities to generate templates for our new projects. And we don’t forget demonstrations on NFC that made the crack Fernando Cejas, an authentic tags man who showed us the secret of NFC tags and use with Android.

Augmented reality is one of the most interesting aspect of the mobile world in which Android applications are introduced gradually. Pedro Vicente Gómez of Droiders some developed being done by the company in addition to current trends and what will evolve to the Glass Project of Google told us that we are all eager to try.

The final keynote of the event was the responsibility of Jorge Juan Barroso tuenti that spoke to us of the new architecture of Tuenti for Android application. An incredible talk that brought his extensive experience in mobile development, phases that passed the application and the reasons that led to some decisions of the architecture. Not to mention teach us some resources for developers who use, which have fared well and what they have found a problem. Jorge on Tuenti team continues to work to make the application really incredible taking full advantage of the possibilities provided by Android.

You can find the list of all the speakers at the event page. A pity to have not been able to attend all the lectures. And a pleasure to share talks between each paper with the rest of developers.


In an event of this type lack that were present important actors in the market as Samsung or HTC, but have not appeared. Something that Yes has made Sony bringing speakers and showing the various mobile of his booth, as well as Alcatel Xperia series.

Sony carrying case with Xperia terminals, including the Sony Xperia V

Also It has sorely missed at Google, not very given to appear in these events of development but they should not forget that Android support is very important. Any rapporteur Google had not been bad, but we know that those are decisions of these companies. Let us hope that for future editions, they decide to be present.

As we had already advanced, bringing an event of the magnitude and the name of the contest to Spain was already a success. This entails having the best speakers, which have not defrauded. Perhaps it was only a day has forced us to miss many other interesting talks that agreed at the same time. A good idea for the next edition would be having something more than time, half a day more to distribute the rest of talks.

The first edition of this contest have worked very well, more than 350 attendees have filled each of the sessions a high level all of them. Droiders, the company behind the Organization of the Spanish Edition has achieved something very important for the Android developer community. Congratulations!

In next few days will be available some of the talks which were recorded, you will be informed of this or you can visit the website of the event in Droidcon Spain.