Now You Can Peek at the Android N with Sony Xperia Z3

Android N is now officially available on Sony Xperia Z3 as the first smartphone that is not one of Google’s own Nexus phones.

Although Sony-top model Xperia Z3 has one and a half years old, it is still fully updated with the latest Android software. It should be stressed again these days, after Sony has announced full support for Android N-beta version, which provides early access to the next Android version.

It is somewhat unusual, since Google last year only sinker owners of Nexus-smartphones, tablets and-boxes test the current Android 6.0 Marshmallow at its early stage. The same has been the case with Android (N)-until now, where Sony Xperia Z3 thus becomes the first smartphone that will have access to a beta version of Android, which is not a part of the Google’s Nexus product line.

It may very well mean that going forward will be more top models that support beta versions of Android, so users who want to try the new software on their own, can do it manually rather than wait several months, until the software has been optimized for the phone after the final release.

If it’s something that more manufacturers are also starting to do, it can probably also mean faster deployment of the finished software, now that there are several months for manufacturers to develop large parts of the software in advance.

How to get Android N on your Sony Xperia Z3

If you have a Sony Xperia Z3 with model number D6603 or D6653, it is just to connect it to your computer, there are have Xperia Companion program installed and updated to version 1.1.24 or newer.

In the program you must keep your keyboard’s ALT key, while clicking the “Software repair” button. It will take you to the “preview mode for developers ‘ instead of the normal page, but the procedure is the same. You want along the way be asked to disconnect and turn off your phone, connect it again and hold the “volume down” button to begin the installation. The procedure you can read more about on Sony’s website.

Would you regret and wish to return to the stable Android version, is it just to make a normal softwareparation in the same program.

Multi windows: Perhaps the biggest news in the Android N is the addition of multi windows, so you can have two Windows open side by side, that can be adjusted to any width or height, if you use the function in portrait mode. You can thus increase productivity tremendously. It is even possible to get fully adjustable and removable Windows, as you know it from your computer.Bonded notifications: Apps can now make smarter notifications. It can be Gmail, which you have received 4 different e-mails. They are brought together in a single notification which you can extend to 4 notifications with all the information.

Reply directly in notifications: Another novelty is the ability to reply to messages directly from the notification. This means that apps support feature, which among other Hangouts does. It makes it even easier to reply to messages without leaving it, you are.

Better Doze-battery saving mode: Doze mode was launched in the Android M and is now to be found in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it only works when the device is on a quiet surface over a longer period of time. In Android N Doze is always active, so you should be able to expect even better standby time.

There are of course many more news in Android (N), which you can read more about in the articles here, here and here.