New Samsung App Gives Android-Designed a Wild Transformation

Samsung unveils the official app, Good Lock that modifies the Android-designed for something you’ve never seen before, where any hook can be customized.

In relation to the way in which Google originally intended that Android will take care off, Samsung has already made quite a few design changes with TouchWiz user interface for all Galaxy models.

If it’s still not enough, you can now transform Android user interface even more with a simple app that Samsung has now officially launched, after it has been in Samsung’s “Galaxy Apps” store in a few weeks.

The app goes under the name Good Lock and change practically everything that applies to the interface-not only colors, but the actual layout of the basic elements and features of Android. The biggest changes are in the lock screen and in the notification Panel.

Access everything directly from the lock screen

Directly from the lock screen, you can now open the apps that you most frequently use, swipe up from the bottom, which you of course have the opportunity to determine how many and what that should be.Below the list of the most frequently used apps, you will also find all your other apps, so you can always find the app you need.

Several years ago it was possible to place widgets in the Android on the lock screen, but this possibility was removed again after some versions. Now makes it possible again with Good Lock Samsung app. Here you will find easy access to all your widgets by dragging the screen down by the clock at the top of the lock screen.

Finally, you can also organize your notifications directly from the lock screen. If you have fallen over an important notification that you do not have time to respond to the here and now, but would like to make sure that you check out later, you can swipe the notification to the right side. Thus is the notification now as a reminder that you can check later.

Switching between different designs during the day

If you have different needs on your smartphone, depending on what you do – for example, if you are at work, at a time and need some entertainment at another, so can you with Good Lock to create routines. It changes the whole user interface with quick settings-fields, widgets, apps on the lock screen, colors and layout depending on what time of day it is or at what location you are.

Good Lock offering far more significant design changes, which you can check out by downloading the app for either Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Galaxy Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy, Galaxy Active S7 S6. Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy Note 5 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Sadly the app is only available in Galaxy Apps-store in the United States and Canada, among others, but fortunately the credible app-page from Android Police, APK Mirror, got us to the rescue. You can download the app from here instead.