New Batteries, the Screen and Plate Base IPhone 6s

We already have a date for the next Keynote, Apple has begun to send invitations and the coming week is expected to shake-up rumors as referred to in. Next week we will see the characteristics of the next iPhone “to imply” and perhaps some other surprise more.

Only Tim we will leave doubts when jump to the fore next day 9, but my personal bet is that we will see a small preview of what will be the Apple Watch 2 from Much talk of Apple TV, but I personally see more logical that Apple TV is presented in October along with the new iPad.

But let us speculate * and we will what brings us here every Sunday… Apple and its rumors *. We are settled in August and we are with the back to school at the “turn” of the corner (I would redundancy) and in Cupertino sure which are warming to prepare the news of what we have left of the year. We are going to do this.

  • Us We complain about the battery of Smartphones, but the reality is that current technology does not give to much more with the level of miniaturization that is necessary for these devices. It seems that the future lies in the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen and already started to appear battery modules with this technology that could enter into an iPhone. Do you dream that your iPhone battery last you a week? You may not miss so much time for this.
  • How could it be otherwise they are beginning to appear functional modules of the next iPhone. In this case we are with the display and the base plate, which will have several differences with the current.
  • Apple starts selling its Apple Store third-party accessories for Apple Watch. To see if they start to appear load with the cable brackets.
  • Data that are running the Auditorium Bill Graham in San Francisco as the site where the next Keynote will be held are. Probably the keynote on this type of enclosures have its days numbered, Since in the near future it will be held at the Space Ship from Apple when finished.
  • Leaked photos of the packaging of the iPhone 6 plus, where the color of the device image reappears at the top. We also have data that suggest that the 6s and 6s plus iPhone battery capacity will be slightly less, which would point to that Apple has managed to improve the performance of the same.
  • IDC aims to 3.6 Apple Watch million sold in the second quarter of 2015. Which auparía to Apple directly to the second position in the list under the FixBit with 4.4 million units sold.
  • Photos of the iPhone screen 6s with a chip significantly larger on the back are. Will surely be the the Force Touch controller which will include this legacy device from Apple Watch.
  • The iPhone 6 will include animated wallpapers as will happen with Apple Wach.
  • The next Apple TV will include motion sensors on your remote which can be used for video games. Occur as we would see an Apple TV that will remind us the Nintendo Wii.