Mozilla Creates New Icons to Differentiate Versions of Firefox

To accelerate the development of its flagship browser, the Mozilla has said it will release updates for shorter periods of time. There will be four main channels, three for testing and one for the final version. The three test channels are very similar to those of Chrome: a non-tested by the company versions, a version tested but not completely (announced today) and a third, the known beta channel. And how to separate these versions without confusing the user? Easy: with different icons.

The compiled version all night is called the Nightly build, which translated literally means ‘compiled all night.’ This does not pass the quality tests of Mozilla, to why the company does not have enough time to test a new Firefox all day. Already the version that has been tested and passed by quality tests will be available in the new channel, called Aurora, and it is in this version of Firefox users will find the “latest innovations and functionality.”

When these features and innovations are sufficiently well-implemented in the browser and go through much of Mozilla’s quality testing, version then migrates to the beta channel, in which a larger number of users can test it and send feedback.