Motorcycle Sport 360, a Watch that Can Keep You Up

The smartwatchs market continues to grow and therefore, increasingly those who designed an exclusive version for sport, such as Motorola, which not only has your bike 360, but also their Motorcycle Sport 360, a watch that can keep you up.

according to allunitconverters,It’s a watch Android Wear with highly resistant silicone band, since it has special UV coating that eliminates moisture, prevents stains and prevents discoloration.

Account with GPS integrated, it is water and dust resistant, includes heart rate monitor, gyroscope, barometer and light sensor, all that allows to know the speed, distance, heart rate and more interesting facts.

In addition, it operates with Motorcycle Body It estimates calories burned and can send you messages to motivate you when you most need it.

Your hybrid display is perfectly suited to the light level, so we can check our sports watch both day and night without difficulty to see data showing.

As if outside, the bike 360 Sport serves as smartwatch, by what we can receive notifications, emails, check calendar, play music and much more with this gadget that will allow us to do without mobile phone when we go out jogging or practice our favorite sport.

This Watch that can keep you up It will be on sale on December 18 in the United Kingdom and France and are expected by 2016 in Spain, at an estimated price of $300, value which is not surprising given its features and capabilities.