Moto G4 and G4 Plus on the Way: Pictures and Video Reveals Designed

Major design changes happening with Motorola’s Moto-smartphones after Lenovo’s acquisition of the company. It shows new photos and a video of the next Moto (G).

Two weeks ago showed the first picture up of what was supposed to be one of the next Moto-smartphones from Lenovo, which has snapped up Motorola. It turns out now that there’s talk about 4.generation Moto G, as given names change to Moto G4.
Now several pictures surfaced of, not only this next Moto-smartphone, but also a Moto G4 Plus variant.

Razor sharp press photo reveals new design

First there is the well-known Lord on Twitter, Evan Blass (known as evleaks), which has got his fingers in a razor-sharp press photosshowing Moto G4 Plus-model produced both from the front and from behind.Here can be seen at first sight same square fingerprint reader, which could be spotted from the first spy photo two weeks ago. The same metal frame all around is also seen, just as the design on the back of the hitherto unknown have come forward.

It is certainly too early to say at this point, but based off of the back cover design on Moto G4 Plus it looks so hardly seem that Lenovo using the Moto X-design, which was unveiled as far back as december 2015.There must therefore have been talking about an early prototype.

Evleaks’ press photo shows a narrow, rounded and now not as elongated camera module in style with 3.generation Moto G, since the camera module is no longer in orbit round the tiny, iconic recess on the back. It is, however, still and seems to have the same location as before.

As several have already indicated, there is otherwise a golden opportunity for Lenovo in implementing the fingerprint reader into this recess rather than break the stylish design on the front.

Leaked video shows Moto G4 speed

Almost simultaneously with evleaks ‘ press photos showed a 1-minute long video with a person who is in possession of the normal Moto G4-variant. Showing the upcoming smartphone from all angles, and confirm the details, as evleaks has disclosed – with one exception.

At Moto G4 is seen no fingerprint reader on the front or the back. It must therefore either mean that Moto G4 gets a little cheaper, and the fingerprint reader is saved away or that there are various prototypes in circulation and that both Moto and Moto G4 G4 Plus ends with a fingerprint reader.


More pictures of Moto G4 scattered on the Web

As if it wasn’t going to be enough are two images from the Chinese social media, Weibo, also cropped up in these days. Here is the same square fingerprint reader on the front-now at klos team.

On both images is a little strange design decision. To the left of the fingerprint reader is placed what looks like a hole for the microphone, which otherwise is often placed at the bottom and the top. Particularly on the white model is this little hole not to overlook.