More Wood for the IWatch. Rumorsfera

If in the Rumorsfera of last week we focus on photos 6 iPhone spy, now the protagonist is the iWatch and its elusive existence. Contrary to what happens with mythical Apple complete television, rumors about a device is the Apple bite on our wrists increase with the passage of time.

Of general ideas, we are moving to specific leaks. A component here at InsuranceJust, another piece there will help us glimpse the puzzles are solved with the iWatch. Let’s go already into flour:

  • As it could not be otherwise, we started with the Asian supply chain of Apple leaks. According to CNBC sources, the Taiwanese company Quanta Computers would start making the iWatch this July. Another source says that the smart clock will find a 2.5 inch screen with a slightly curved glass out, like the watches, in addition to having wireless charging. If you’re curious to know who is behind their screens, it is said to be LG.
  • From the Wall Street Journal say that the iWatch will feature 10 sensors between your circuits. The intention would be the measure and create a history of data on our physical activity and health. They come to say that it will feature several models since its launch, which could fit with that there was a version for men and another for women.
  • The sources of both articles dare to give sales figures expected to get Apple the first year of life of the iWatch: 50 and 15 million respectively.
  • In GforGames echo a report emerged in a Chinese website (here’s the original link). In it, they indicate that Apple is trying to the American FDA (responsible for the approval of medical devices among other things) to certify the iWatch for medical use. Apple would be joining the iWatch a sensor glucose in blood and another of sweating.
  • Sport, health, sensors. Who better than Kobe Bryant and other elite athletes to test a prototype of iWatch?
  • AppleInsider has given with several patents related to the iWatch. Supposedly would serve to create a grid between an iPhone and a wearable device for provide dynamic alerts, information about our activity and notifications.
  • We went to the rumors about the next generation of the iPhone. 9to5Mac feature photos of what would become the model of 5.5 inch screen. The leaked photos even are given the luxury of placing a rule to measure the screen and confirm that it would be the right size. Tim Cook track: search type having a car with the shift lever.
  • More sensors, this time for the iPhone 6. According to 9to5Mac, Apple would have decided to incorporate a barometric sensor in your smartphone star since lines of code found in iOS related 8.

So far the rumours this week. Without a doubt, the iWatch is gaining traction and little by little moves away from the mists that surround this rumored device. Although many would like to submit it once, we have to settle for these small tracks. What you think?