MoDaCo Switch, or How Do Live HTC Sense and Stock Android on an HTC One

The Android community not be for, and sometimes the developments that manage our devices surpass all expectations. It is the case of MoDaCo Switch, the latest creation by Paul O’Brien who allow to live Android Stock and HTC Sense 5 with BlinkFeed flag Terminal from HTC, the One.

Commissioned to announce such an interesting functionality has been the own Paul in his twitter account, although he has made it clear that it still works on it and is a complex development.

MoDaCo.SWITCH is cool, the ideal solution is of course ‘ Best of Both ‘ (BoB) where you can choose which bits of each… in progress. Complex!

— Paul or ‘ O’Brien (@PaulOBrien) July 5, 2013

Thus, once MoDaCo Switch reaches its stable phase users may have their one HTC Android Pure Google experience without losing the most important characteristics of the development of HTC: IR Blaster, HTC Zoe or even BlinkFeed, home screen that some will find useful and which is inaccessible in the Android HTC Stock One Google Edition versions.

MoDaCo Switch will bring the best of both worlds the HTC One, and will be the first time that, at the push of a button, can merge the proprietary development of the manufacturer with Android with original interface.

There are not many details about the Switch, only the beginning of its development, and nor do we know how Paul O’Brien has managed to integrate both experiences, but if it has been dropped that It may in the future develop something for the S4 Galaxy.